A Glimpse Inside Byrdie Editors' Amazon Carts

You might be able to learn a lot about someone based on what's in her purse, but I'd argue that our carts on the internet's largest marketplace are definitely more telling. These are the items we choose for every random aspect of our lives, often sourced from across the globe—and sometimes selected after a glass or two of wine. (I'm pretty sure Amazon created the one-click purchase button for this very reason.)

Thanks also to a highly active community of reviewers and automated product suggestions that are usually eerily on-point, the website was built for impulse buys—and as you might imagine, many of ours happen to be beauty-related. Don't take our word for it: We're giving you a peek at some of our most recent purchases, as well as the products we currently have queued to buy. Check out the glorious assortment below.

What's in your Amazon cart? Tell us in the comments below!