These Are by Far the 15 Best Amazon Beauty Launches in June

By now we're all well aware that Amazon is the place to go for an eclectic selection of beauty fan favorites and lesser-known oddities. It's like the beauty equivalent of one of those curiosity shops you read about in a Dickens novel. Or like the treasure trove Ariel keeps hidden in a cavern in The Little Mermaid. (I realize those are two random and totally different similies, but they both apply rather nicely to this topic, and I can't help that my brain makes references to literature and Disney in equal measure.) Seriously, though. Where else can you can purchase the ever-popular Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette ($40) at the same time you pick out an undetected $12 Japanese moisturizer with a cult following? Nowhere. That's what makes the e-retailer so unique and surprising. 

There's also the fact that Amazon's beauty selection is ever-changing since it introduces brand-new products to its virtual shelves almost every single day. That's why, each month, we find ourselves combing through them all, finding the top-rated, the highest-reviewed, and the buzziest (in other words, the best). It would be a shame to let all that research go unreviewed, which is why we put it here in one place for your scrolling convenience. So without further ado, go forth and shop the 15 best Amazon beauty launches in June 2018.