This Is the Designer Behind the Most Covetable Haircare Packaging on Your Shelf

My introduction to R+Co was not as it is with most haircare brands that end up in my beauty arsenal. It wasn't recommended to me by a friend. I didn't scour the internet for reviews. It wasn't used on my tresses during a haircut at a new salon. I was in New York working at Barneys at the time R+Co launched, and one day while passing through the store's apothecary, the new brand's lineup—literally lined up in perfect precision on brightly lit crisp white shelves—caught my eye. It was love at first sight. The cool desert vibes of Death Valley Dry Shampoo whisked me away on a California daydream down Route 66. A glance at Park Ave Blowout Balm, and I was longing to get done up for a night out on the town. Every image enveloping each bottle and tube was candid, raw, and something I'd instantly repin. But instead I used my employee discount to buy up most of the collection.

Fast-forward to a few years later, I still find myself an R+Co superfan (every product is as effective and enjoyable to use as its packaging is impactful), and on the phone with Amanda Wall, the designer behind my quickest impulse beauty buys. "I'm someone who'll go grocery shopping and buy products I'm not going to use just for the packaging," she admits after I confessed I cleared off my bathroom shelf to make room for R+Co before ever trying a single product. Her savvy for tapping into that visual consumer mind, who wants something they use every day to be beautiful—whether it's dry shampoo or toothpaste—made her the perfect fit for spearheading the look of a brand that would arguably become the most visually appealing in its class.