4 Makeup Secrets for Looking More Photogenic, According to Amanda Steele



Amanda Steele isn't old enough to vote, but she's got close to 3 million people tuned into her popular beauty and fashion YouTube channel and can boast a product collaboration, CoverGirl contract, and IMG representation on her resume. At just 17, Steele (or MakeupByMandy24 as she's known in the vlogosphere) wants to be recognized as (and has rightfully earned) the title of triple threat: Vlogger, model, and—a more recent career venture—actress. 

Take a quick scroll through the teen's Instagram page, and it's abundantly clear she's a pro at finding her light, whether she's being shot with an iPhone or a 35-millimeter camera. Perhaps her seven years of experience in front of a webcam (yes, she started her channel when she was just 10 years old) has prepared her for her model status, or perhaps it's just her inherent talent to pose like a pro. Either way, over the years, Steele has perfected her makeup application to appear 'shopped in real life—precise brows, expertly placed highlight, and the like. Eager to tap her brain for these camera-ready tips, we asked Steele to spill her secrets, and spill she did. Keep reading to learn how to never take a bad picture again.

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