Amanda Seyfried Got a MAJOR Haircut!

Though Amanda Seyfried has since taken on more intelligent (albeit no less lovable) characters than her breakout role of Karen in Mean Girls, one thing has stayed the same throughout the years: her long blond hair. That is, until this morning. Seyfried was photographed walking her dog and was almost unrecognizable due to the fact that her Rapunzel-like locks had been chopped to right below her shoulders. We think it’s the perfect summer cut and can’t wait to see her debut it on the red carpet.

Hours before she debuted her cut on her Instagram, Seyfried teased the major decision with a cute photo that also explains where her shorn strands went:


Finn is wearing my #locksforlove

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The actress then posted another photo, debuting the cut via a selfie with her friend (naturally):


New haircut/old friend #CledeTomoko #cledepeaubeaute @cledepeaubeauteus

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A fresh new cut for a worthy cause? We’re so on board.

What do you think Amanda Seyfried's new cut? Sound off below!

Promo Photo Credit: Getty