The Alternative L.A.-Inspired Treatments You Need to Try

Byrdie’s HQ is slap bang in the middle of Los Angeles. It's a stone’s throw from Soul Cycle and a quick car ride (no one walks) to the cult Skin Laundry treatment rooms. With so many wellness offers always nearby, it’s little wonder that Californian women boast skin that glows like nothing I’ve seen before IRL and are so incredibly zen (an early morning bout of SC will do that to you).

Last November, I visited there for work, and despite the long-haul flights and back-to-back meetings, I came back looking glowing and feeling rested. You see, it’s incredibly easy to fit beauty treatments into your working week in L.A., and they’re not afraid to try the more alternative forms of relaxation—think cupping, infrared saunas and chakra massage.

It was when I was chatting with Liz Hambleton, editorial director at Treatwell, that she revealed these alternative treatments are also available here in the UK; you just need to know where to find them. Lucky then, that Hambleton has listed out her favourite La La Land–inspired treatments below. Keep scrolling to read more and to get a £10 discount off your next Treatwell booking.



Urban Outfitters

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L.A. is obsessed with the health-boosting powers of Infrared rays. If they're not sitting in infra-sauna, they're doing yoga in an infrared studio or harnessing it's healing and detoxing powers in beauty treatments to improve everything from cellulite to acne to fatigue. 

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Cupping marks are a something of a status symbol in La La Land. Remember when Jennifer Anniston showed hers off on the red carpet? This ancient eastern practice is used to promote good overall health, increase energy levels and reduce stress. Heated glass cups will be placed on your back, and as they make contact, they suction the skin to remove toxins.  

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Keep it clean, people; keep it clean. Digestive health is big business in L.A., and colonics are considered as standard as popping out for your morning matcha latte. Waste nasties will be flushed out of your system leaving you feeling lighter, less bloated and much less sluggish.  

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Feeling a tad emosh, unbalanced or on pins? Your chakras could be out of sync, causing you all kinds of physical and emotional side effects. L.A. yogis love this spiritual form of massage for it's soothing and harmonising powers. Expect to feel looser of body, lighter of mind and a little bit floaty. 

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No Hollywood red carpet facial is complete with a dose of light therapy. A quick 20-minute session under a red, yellow or blue light can do everything from increase collagen production to kill acne-causing bacteria. Here in the UK, we're quickly cottoning on to the powers of LED.

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Do you book in for any alternative beauty treatments regularly? Let us know your favourites in the comment box below.