Nature's Got a Beauty Secret You HAVE to Try

We adore makeup, but making the most out of our natural canvas is obviously ideal. That's why we flipped out with happiness when we realized chugging aloe works to improve one's complexion. Ciao, foundation! At first, we thought a shot named "beauty" couldn't hurt to try. But, after a week of sipping on the cold-pressed miracle, this editor can vouch for its success—and the subsequent compliments that started rolling in. 

Aloe has long been a popular way to soothe a burn. But, according to Moon Juice in Los Angeles, it also "has lubricating effects on the joints, brain, skin, and nervous system, leaving you beautiful, flexible, limber, and energetic." As if that wasn't enough, the tasty potion "also boosts your immune system and treats I.B.S." In personal experience, it also helped hydrate otherwise dry eyes, making for an easier morning battle with contact lenses. Uh, sign us up for a lifetime supply! 

Take a shot at your local health store or order Moon Juice's raw and organic Aloe Vera ($5). Don't forget to let us know if you see a difference in the comments below!