People Are Obsessed With Putting Aloe Vera in Hair—Here's Why

When you think of aloe vera, it's likely that you immediately call to mind those accidental vacation sunburns of your youth. You know the ones—when a grown-up warned you to put on more sunscreen but you were either having too much fun, couldn't be bothered, or you were determined to arrive back to school with some sort of sunlit glow. (I fell into the first and third category, depending on the year and vacation destination.) It would undeniably result in angry, red, and irritated skin.

That's when you started rummaging through the medicine cabinet looking for a cooling bright-green drugstore gel to slather on. Since then, though, aloe vera's alternate uses have become more varied and widely known. People use it as an acne treatment and to soothe upset stomachs and expedite the digestion process. It can even be used to treat dry and damaged hair. The latter is what we're currently interested in, which is why we enlisted the help of three hair experts to tell us more about this under-the-radar and all-natural hair salve. Hint: It's as easy to use as it is effective.