Exclusive: Alo Yoga's New Skincare Line Is Like Savasana for Your Face

All thanks to one very powerful berry.

Alo Yoga model with Glow System spray

Alo Yoga

The health benefits of regular yoga practice are, in my opinion, never undersold. From a clearer, more resilient mind to long, flexible limbs and straightened spines, there's a form of yoga to help with just about everything. And there are beauty benefits, too: a daily dose of Vinyasa can help lead to reduced cortisol levels and stimulate blood flow for invigorated skin that shines from the inside out. Alo Yoga, the premier yogawear company you've seen adorning the bodies of celebs like Hailey Bieber and Chrissy Teigen, is bringing that "beyond-the-mat" glow to your bathroom counter with the launch of its new skincare line, Alo Glow System.

Created to bring people the same transformative experience with yoga that first brought him to the practice, Alo's CEO Danny Harris based the complete collection around holistic healing and one superstar ingredient not found in many other skincare lines yet. Just as modern yoga's roots are in India, the innovative ingredient at the core of Alo Glow System's products are an Indian gooseberry called amla. Amla's powerful healing properties have been used for centuries as a key tool in ayurveda, a historic and holistic medicine practice originating on the Indian subcontinent. Now, amla-centric skincare products bring the best of the berry to moisturizers, cleansers, and serums.

Key Ingredients

Thought to be the most antioxidant-packed fruit in existence, amla delivers huge doses of vitamin C, iron, and calcium—in fact, amla puts other superfoods like blueberries and goji berries to shame with 50- and 75-times more antioxidants respectively.

First up in the Glow System product collection is the amla-infused Enzyme Facial Cleanser ($32), a one-two punch of pineapple enzyme for smoothing and aloe for soothing. The result is refreshed skin that strikes the perfect balance (yoga jokes!) between squeaky clean and properly hydrated.

Alo Glow System cleanser
Alo Yoga Glow System Enzyme Facial Cleanser $32

For maximum daily glow, follow it up with the Radiance Serum ($88), a K-beauty-inspired, hyaluronic acid-heavy serum that harnesses the powers of alma and botanicals. Not only does it add a massive dose of hydration thanks to super absorbent hyaluronic acid, but the increased moisture can help soften the appearance of existing fine lines and help slow the formation of new ones.

No skincare collection would be complete without a rich moisturizer to lock everything in, especially in the drying winter months. Alo Glow System Luminizing Facial Moisturizer ($48) does the job beautifully with dewy skin heavy-lifters like avocado and marula oil and, of course, lots of amla berry infusion.

Alo Glow System face moisturizer
Alo Glow System Luminizing Face Moisturizer $48

Yoga, as we all know, is a full-body practice and Alo's Glow System doesn't neglect you from the neck down, either. Four body-focused products round out the Glow System collection, all specifically formulated and designed to reduce stress and boost hydration. In the shower, lather up with the Mega-C Body Wash ($24), a rich-with-vitamin-c full-body wash that gets you clean from top to bottom without leaving you with that tight, too-dry feeling. For even more moisture, layer on the Superfruit Body Lotion ($28), a restorative body cream that de-stresses muscles with the help of arnica, a sunflower-adjacent plant coveted for its naturally anti-inflammatory properties. Meanwhile, coconut and argan oils team up to hydrate and nourish skin.

Alo Glow System tube of body lotion
Alo Glow System Superfruit Body Lotion $28

The collection's most intriguing and unusual item is a Magnesium Reset Spray ($48), half-body care and half-workout recovery. In lieu of taking an oral magnesium supplement that would have to pass through your digestive system, magnesium sprays are applied directly to the skin where they're quickly and optimally absorbed to assist with key functions like muscle rest and recovery. Alo reports that just three spritzes equal the benefits of 45 milligrams of magnesium. (My boyfriend and I both tried this spray and he said his ankles, ravaged from years of college basketball injuries, felt looser and less inflamed than they usually do post-workout.)

Alo Glow System magnesium spray
Alo Glow System Magnesium Reset Spray $48

Finally, wrap everything in a coat of Head-To-Toe Glow Oil ($48), a slather-it-everywhere potion made up of amla, turmeric, and marula oil for relaxation, nourishment, and hydration. And when Alo says head-to-toe, they mean it: rub this dewy elixir into your nail beds, rough patches, hair, face, wherever to reap the moisturizing rewards.

Alo Glow System body oil
Alo Glow System Head-To-Toe Glow Oil $48

In the spirit of Alo's ethos, every product in the Glow System collection is clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and earth-friendly, and made in California. The Alo Yoga Glow System skincare line is available Dec. 8 on AloYoga.com and in Alo Stores.

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