24 Cool Nail Designs for Almond-Shaped Nails


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As seasoned manicure fiends are well aware, there are a handful of nail shapes that play with length and proportion. These days, you can ask your manicurist to file your nails into much more than just a square or oval shape. You could try coffin-shaped nails, which are long and dramatic with a squared-off tip. You could also try stiletto-shaped nails, which are as pointy as the heel of the iconic shoe.

However, our favorite nontraditional nail shape has to be almond, in which a curved cuticle bed swoops up to a small, rounded point at the tip of the nail. Like its coffin and stiletto counterparts, this shape is glamorous yet a bit more subtle and refined. Think of almond as the Blake Lively of nail shapes… Hear us out. Just like how Lively is glamorous yet down-to-earth, this nail shape is glamorous yet wearable. See what we did there? Keep scrolling to see 24 cool designs for almond-shaped nails that will make you want to book a salon appointment ASAP.

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Chunky Glitter

Gold and clear bedazzled almond-shaped nails


How gorgeous are these Studio 54 nails that celebrity nail artist Naomi Yasuda did for Emily Weiss, the founder of Glossier? The acrylic set is shaped somewhere between oval and almond, but what's really important is the fact that they're glittered to perfection.

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Rainbow Confetti

Rainbow confetti dipped almond-shaped nails


Here's some more glittery inspo from Yasuda. Does this read more '70s or '80s to you? We can't decide; we just know we love it. 

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Daisies for Days

Almond-shaped nails with daisy designs


Let's go from '70s chunky glitter to '60s daisy nails. The nude base color makes nails (and subsequently fingers) appear longer. That's just a little tip for you, from someone who regularly uses nude polish to make her short digits look a little more elongated. 

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Siren Chrome

Almond-shaped nails with chrome polish and chain detail


If holographic shimmer is more your speed as opposed to glitter, look no further than this galactic chrome manicure from Yasuda.

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Sailor Moon-Approved

Almond-shaped nails with holographic rainbow polish and gold detail


These almond-shaped nails are painted in varying shades of metallic polish to create a flawless ombré look. The negative space and small gold bar detail make this holographic design simultaneously cartoonish and refined.

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Eye of the Tiger

Almond-shaped nails with Gucci stripe and warm-toned tiger design


The logomania of the early 2000s has come back in a big way, and we're not mad at all, especially when looking at this Gucci-inspired manicure. 

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Absolutely Angelic

Almond-shaped nails with red and purple tonal wave stripe


Any color will look great with this tonal wave pattern. It's delightfully retro on such a modern nail shape.

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Crystal Craze

Almond-shaped nails with rose quartz design and gold detailing


According to Yasuda's caption, these are rose quartz nails. Everything from the blush pink base to the crisscrossing veins of white and the metallic gold details is pure perfection. 

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Turquoise + Gold

Almond-shaped nails with turquoise and gold design


Another gemstone-inspired manicure, but this time it's turquoise. All we can say is that we want this design and shape on our own hands immediately. 

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Coming Up Roses

Red almond-shaped nails with light pink rose design


Clearly, Yasuda's Instagram page is rife with almond-shaped inspiration. We're also crushing on this romantic red manicure complete with sheer white floral details. 

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Rose Gold Glitter

Almond-shaped nails with white and rose gold glitter design


Paintbox is a nail studio located in New York City, where the manicurists specialize in minimalist nail designs with bold colors and eye-catching shimmer. We regularly peruse the studio's Instagram feed for inspiration, and upon doing so recently, we were delighted to see this rose gold, almond-shaped design. 

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Gold Dip

Almond-shaped nails with gold-dipped design


Can you tell we're really into metallic, glitter, and shimmer finishes as of late? There's just something about this burnished copper and gold foil mani that makes us yearn for summer and fall.

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Heart Tips

Pastel almond-shaped nails with white heart tips


Olive & June is one of our favorite nail salons in L.A. It sells nail stickers online that can spice up any almond-shaped DIY mani. These Heart Stickers ($15) come in four shades—white, blush, black, and lavender. Heads up, though, they often sell out.

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Glitter French Tips

Almond-shaped French manicure with glitter tips


This glittery French mani from Olive & June proves that almond-shaped nails don't have to be long. They work on almost any length, meaning you don't have to sport super long, natural nails (or acrylics) if you don't want to. 

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Neutral Leopard Print

Almond-shaped nails with neutral leopard print design


The neutral brown twist on this leopard print pattern is ultra-chic. 

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Milky Pastels

Almond-shaped nails with pastel gradient manicure


A Chillhouse nail artist created this pastel rainbow mani for New York City's Pride celebrations. Thanks to the gradient nail trend, however, it's also a great option all year long.

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Etched Lines

Almond-shaped nails with etched line manicure


These almond-shaped nails come complete with a design worthy of a modern art museum. This is yet another gorgeous mani by Chillhouse. 

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True Crime Talons

This edgy manicure is from celebrity nail artist Mei Kawajiri (aka Nails by Mei). We stumbled across the image about a month ago, and we're still thinking about it. It's perfect for Halloween and true crime lovers alike, no? 

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Red Drip

The same goes for this bloody almond-shaped manicure from Kawajiri. We plan to wear this design on our nails well in advance of Halloween. What can we say? We're always anticipating October 31.

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Purple Holo

Okay, technically, there's no nail art present in this manicure, but we had to spotlight this incredible almond shape. Seriously, these nails are shaped to perfection. It's proof that almond-shaped nails look amazing even when painted with a single color (especially a holographic deep purple like Kawajiri used here). 

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Pressed Florals

The shape of these nails sits somewhere between oval and almond, but that doesn't matter because we can't take our eyes off those pretty floral details.

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Pattern Mixing

We love this almond-shaped nail design that comprises a collection of eclectic colors and patterns. It's maximalism at its finest. 

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Abstract Shapes

This dreamy abstract print manicure would make even Mondrian jealous.

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Flower Power

Transparent PVC nails are all the rage. These nails, otherwise known as "jelly nails," are all over Instagram. One of our favorite iterations of the trend is this orange and yellow floral mani from Kawajiri. By the way, those are real dried flowers.

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