How to Use Almond Oil for Skin and Get All the Glowy Benefits



Almond milk is the trendy dairy alternative that we've all been adding into our morning lattes lately, but did you know that almond oil can be just as good for not only your skin but also your overall health? Apparently, we're late to the game—According to aesthetic doctor and oculoplastic surgeon Maryam Zamani, Ayurvedic, Greco-Persian, and ancient Chinese cultures used almond oil as a medicine to treat dry skin as well as hypertrophic (a big word for white and raised) scars and general skin rejuvenation. How have we just found out about this now, and where can we buy some?

The benefits don't end there. Zamani adds that there are also some serious almond oil benefits that happen internally. It contains anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting properties, both of which are super useful for the colder seasons, as well as cardiovascular benefits that help to improve your body's cholesterol. Yeah, we're pretty impressed too. Incredibly enough, there's even more to almond oil. The benefits it brings to your skin are everything you've ever dreamed of in a natural product. Say goodbye to irritation and stretch marks every time you apply almond oil to your skin, and say hello to hydration and a beautiful glow. Below, take a look at the amazing ways almond oil can benefit the skin.