How to Use Almond Oil to Get Smoother, Healthier Hair



We already know all about the benefits of using almond oil on our skin. They include—but are not limited to—sun protection (though just a modest SPF 5), hydration, and reduced irritation. It can even lessen the appearance of dark circles. As such, you'll find it in many different skin products. We're talking about everything from lotions to moisturizing oils to face masks. But what about when it comes to our hair? Could it offer our scalp and strands similar benefits? 

These aren't random or unsolicited questions. Lately, we've been seeing almond oil pop up in various haircare formulas: shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and styling serums are all highlighting it as a main (not to mention miracle-working) ingredient. Is it possible that almond oil is the buzziest new beauty ingredient, replacing coconut oil as the beauty buff's gold standard do-it-all ingredient? Keep reading to learn more about the haircare ingredient, including how to use it to achieve smoother, healthier strands.