So Weird: Every Time I Wear This Makeup Product, I Literally Get Hit on All Day


Paley Fairman

Having just gotten out of a long-term relationship, life as a single 20-something has been anthropologically a fascinating experience. Now that I'm "on the market" so to speak, every time I go out, even to places I'd been to a million times before, it's as if a filter has been lifted from my field of vision, suddenly revealing for the first time all the nuanced dynamics and negotiations that transact between single 20- and 30-somethings at bars, gyms, and even Trader Joe's.

As a beauty editor (and consumer), part of my anthropological studies have involved noticing what products and looks warrant the most romantic attention (from men and women), and I've documented a few interesting patterns. Indeed, I've noticed that there are a handful of alluring makeup, hair, and body products that, just like Elle Woods's famed "bend and snap," pretty much guarantee an 83% return rate on a dinner invitation. Want your beauty routine to do the most for your dating game? Let my data be your guide. Whether it's the scent, the color, or that they make for the perfect conversation piece, these are the beauty products that get me hit on every time I wear them.