Allison Williams Uses This Foundation for "Effortless" Skin

Her makeup artist fills us in on her front row look.

Allison Williams

Jenna Kristina

I, for one, am thrilled to be living through the Allison Williams renaissance. With indie sleaze nostalgia at its peak, it feels as if everyone I know is rewatching Girls, and Williams is finally getting the recognition she deserves for her comedic timing. Then, of course, there's the mega success of M3gan, proving that she really is the self-aware scream queen of a generation. And last night the fashion industry welcomed her with open arms at Versace's AW23 show in Los Angeles.

Williams arrived at the show wearing a ruffled floral print gown over a pair of black cargo pants, with a matching bandana tied around her neck like a choker. Her hairstylist Renato Campora styled her hair (expertly highlighted by Matt Rez) into some soft face-framing bends, matching the effortless vibe of her outfit. Like the models on the runway, Williams wore a full face of Pat McGrath Labs, applied by makeup artist Jenna Kristina, who filled us in on the exclusive details of the look.

Allison Williams at the Versace show

Getty Images

"Her look was so cool and sexy that we wanted to encompass that same vibe with makeup," Kristina tells Byrdie exclusively. "To me, that means a sexy smudgy eye and a soft/nude lip. Allison is also always in favor of a bold eye." She used the Pat McGrath Mothership: X Moonit Seduction Palette ($128) for the dramatic eye, noting that she and Williams were both drawn to the shade VR Sextasy. "It’s this incredible color that changes depending on what angle you’re looking at it," she says. "It’s very captivating, so naturally that was the focal point for her eyes. I used Black Coffee eyeliner smudged completely around her eye to give the perfect smolder." To finish off the eyes, Kristina used the Dark Star Mascara in Extreme Black ($32). "It’s perfectly dramatic and volumizing."

Allison Williams makeup close up

Jenna Kristina

"I’ve noticed 'clean girl' fresh skin being so popular at the moment which I loved pared with the dramatic eye," she continues. "It gives a very effortless cool vibe. I used Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation ($68) and Concealer to create the freshest skin possible. Added a little Divine Glow Highlighter in Venus Nectar ($48) which also gave the perfect amount of color [so] that I didn’t even need to add blush."

To finish off the look, Kristina lined Williams's lips with the Peramgel Ultra Lip Pencil in Contour ($29), and then swiped on the SatinAllure Lipstick ($30) in the shade Nude Fantasia. "This helps stick to the very effortless and cool vibe."

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