Allie Marie Evans on Makeup Goals, Meditation, and Being Relatable on Instagram

In the age of Instagram, YouTube, and streaming entertainment, the paths to stardom are more multifarious and winding than ever. Allie Marie Evans is taking them all. The 22-year-old Canadian-born actress, filmmaker, and influencer has spent the past several years hustling her way to success as a performer. Since 2016, she’s moved to Los Angeles, scored ad campaigns with brands like Rimmel London and Coca-Cola, directed her own short film, and starred in her big-screen breakout as Yvette in the 2018 Slamdance award winner Rock Steady Row. All the while, Evans inspires half a million young followers with her refreshingly raw, earnest Instagram and YouTube content, which addresses topics from drugstore beauty to mental health.

In a sense, the up-and-coming creative represents a type of authentic celebrity sorely missing from much of Hollywood—someone who isn’t afraid to show how hard she’s working to make it, how it isn’t always easy, and how life as a beautiful entertainment-industry freshman is rarely as glamorous as it seems. Evans isn’t interested in creating the impression that her life is cooler or more polished than it is. Instead, her goal is to inspire her followers to openly, scrappily elbow their way through insecurity, depression, creative blocks, and other challenges to find success on the other end. “I’m a perfectionist, and the idea of letting anyone see something I’ve created that isn’t perfect terrifies me,” Evans confessed in a recent Instagram post. “But creating something is better than letting your ideas drift off into the void. I’m making a pact to create something new every day. Whether it’s writing a poem, making a short film, or trying out a new recipe. Whatever it is that lights a fire in your soul, I want you to try to do that, big or small, every day. What’s the first thing you’re going to create?”

It’s Evans’s rare authenticity that allured us to her. We hit up the actress to hang out with us in our studio for a day. There, we played with whimsical holiday beauty looks while seeking her unique take on makeup trends, wellness, and social media. Keep scrolling to see the photos (and to read our conversation).