Alleyoop's Best-Selling Eyeshadow Stick Is Here to Simplify Your Life

Ask and you shall receive.

Eyeshadow Stick


Raise your hand if you’ve ever purchased an eyeshadow palette, only to find yourself using the same shade repeatedly. Well, you're not the only one. This common beauty conundrum ultimately inspired Alleyoop to design a collection of cream shadow sticks that not only reduce waste but also takes the guesswork out of your everyday makeup routine. 

Just in time for spring, the sustainable beauty brand introduced two earthy shades to its growing 11th Hour collection: Taupe Dollar ($24) and Espresso Self ($24). If you haven't heard of 11th Hour, the eye shadow is well-loved for its staying power (hence the name). The product promises full coverage that lasts all day—no more reapplying or messy creases.

Ready to simplify your makeup life? Read on for all the details on the latest addition to Allyoop's best-selling product.

The Inspiration

“For a makeup connoisseur, a palette with [multiple] colors is like a playground. To everyone else it’s a total headache,” says Leila Kashani, Alleyoop Founder and CEO. “We built our eyeshadow sticks based on our research of the most frequently used colors.”

She continues, “You can buy what you actually use and nothing more. This reduces waste and simplifies your routine.” The exciting new additions answer the pleas of loyal customers, who have long wished for the inclusion of matte shades in the brand’s smudge and crease-proof formula.  “Our community spoke and we listened,” Keshani explains. 

The Products

With coverage that lasts well over 11 hours—much like the name suggests—the cruelty-free and vegan creation has definitely won a spot on my vanity. “The pandemic made us more conscious of how much time we were spending just on beauty routines. Pandemic or not, we don't want to go back to that,” Keshani concludes.

The new shades, which contain nourishing oils, will be available for purchase beginning April 29.

The Review


Courtesy of AE Photos

I had the opportunity to try the new eyeshadow stick in the shade Espresso Self, and I can say it is just as advertised; easy to use! The shadow blended smoothly for a subtle look, which I completed with dramatic black eyeliner.

Formulated to be applied with your fingertips, the cream eyeshadow sticks are just what you need to spend less time selecting your glam and more time enjoying your busy lifestyle—which is what we could all use, especially as the world opens up and we start making plans.

Eyeshadow stick
Alleyoop 11th Hour Cream Eyeshadow Sticks $24

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