I Reviewed Allegra's Baby Magic Globes and My Skin Looks Amazing

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Allegra M. France Baby Magic Globes

Allegra M. France Baby Magic Globes

Byrdie / Khera Alexander

What We Like
  • Soothing and relaxing

  • Easily incorporated into a skincare routine

  • Reduced under-eye puffiness

What We Don't Like
  • Results are short-term

  • Globes don’t stay cold for long

  • Doesn't have packaging to place in freezer

The Allegra M. France Baby Magic Globes are invigorating orbs that soothe my skin, reduce the puffiness under my eyes, and give me a fresh complexion every time I use them.


Allegra M. France Baby Magic Globes

Allegra M. France Baby Magic Globes

Byrdie / Khera Alexander

We purchased Allegra M. France's Baby Magic Globes so our writer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

With businesses slowly reopening and new health and safety guidelines being put in place, beauty services are on pause for me until I feel comfortable enough to partake in them again. Since I’m at home a lot more these days, I’m taking more time than usual to take care of my skin. There’s been something special about slowing down and taking a few extra minutes to focus on my routine; it’s become increasingly comforting and important these past few months. 

Curious about how I could elevate my skincare regimen, I decided to try the Allegra M. France Baby Magic Globes. Used by estheticians and celebs like Tracee Ellis Ross, these globes—playfully referred to as, uh, “blue balls” from time to time—are said to increase blood circulation, reduce puffy eyes, tighten skin, and provide relief for redness, sinuses, and headaches.

Continue reading to find out if this tool delivered any of these results.

Allegra M. France Baby Magic Globes

Best for: Face, neck

Uses: Eliminating redness, increasing blood circulation, tightening skin, sinuses, puffy eyes, and headaches

Byrdie Clean?: Antifreeze typically contains MEG (Mono ethylene glycol) or MPG (Mono propylene glycol), so no, but the antifreeze itself is encased in pyrex glass. 

Price: Around $40

About the brand: Allegra M. France is a French professional cosmetic manufacturing company that develops products for the skincare industry but also develops its own line of private label skincare and cosmetic products.

About My Skin: Sensitive, acne-prone skin and dark circles

Having had sensitive skin since I was a child and acne that began in my teens, finding products to soothe my skin and fight acne has been challenging. Over time, I’ve come to understand that my skin needs gentle, fragrance-free products that hydrate. I keep my routine simple by using a foaming face wash, a serum to help with hyperpigmentation, moisturizer, and SPF during the day. Aside from my sunscreen, all of my products are water-based to help with the occasional dryness I experience from my prescription retinol treatment. The other skin concern I have is under-eye darkness. I’ve had dark circles and puffiness since I was a baby (thanks, Mom and Dad), and I have yet to use a product that’s made a notable difference. Not expecting significant results on the dark circle front, I was curious to see if the Baby Magic Globes would address my puffiness.

Design: Cute, compact, and easy to use

Taking the globes out of the box, I was surprised to see how small they were: length-wise, they’re smaller than the size of a standard business card. After doing more research, I learned that these tools come in different sizes, and the smaller globes provide more precision when used in certain areas like the under eyes. Because of their size, this made for an easy application. I wasn’t concerned about dropping them or doing any harm to my skin.

Allegra M. France Baby Magic Globes

Byrdie / Khera Alexander

How to Use: Smooth over your skin with a little pressure

Made of Pyrex glass and an antifreeze solution, the Baby Magic Globes can be kept in the fridge or freezer. I wasn’t entirely sure how to use them, so I decided to watch a couple of YouTube videos. In the videos I watched, each person had a different style, but they all seemed to move the globes back and forth on the skin quickly with what seemed like a little pressure. I decided to follow suit when I applied the tools to my face. Concerned about tugging the skin under my eyes, I used less pressure and instead held the globes vertically and rotated them over my skin in those areas. Once I was finished, I sprayed them with alcohol and popped them back in the freezer.

Allegra M. France Baby Magic Globes

Byrdie / Khera Alexander

The Feel: Calming and soothing

As soon as I put the globes on my face after letting my moisturizer absorb, I instantly relaxed; they felt amazing when I ran them over my skin. There was something so tranquil and refreshing about massaging the ice-cold tools over my forehead, under my eyes, my cheeks, and jawline. I used the globes on my skin for at least five minutes, and the cool feeling lingered on my skin for a little once I was finished. I felt like I had an at-home, spa-like experience. I found myself using them several times a day, just to feel the cooling sensation all over again.

The Results: Refreshed skin and under eyes

My skin looked a little more reinvigorated, a little tighter, and the puffiness under my eyes was reduced slightly after each use.

Unfortunately, my results only lasted for a few minutes. In my opinion, I don’t believe that this tool was designed to provide any significant, long-term results, and instead is intended to soothe skin and increase blood circulation at the time of use.

Allegra M. France Baby Magic Globes

Byrdie / Khera Alexander

The Value: An appropriate price

Although the globes retail for around $32 to $40, which, by prestige skincare standards isn’t expensive, I think that the globes would be overpriced if I only factored in the minimal results and how long they last. However, these tools have several uses: I used them to soothe and tighten my skin morning and night, I massaged them over my temples when I had a headache, and they reduced the puffiness under my eyes. In addition to that, these globes can be reused many times over, they are better than using frozen spoons on my face, and, unlike ice cubes, aren’t messy to use at all. For all of these reasons, I think the price is reasonable.

Allegra M. France Baby Magic Globes

Byrdie / Khera Alexander

Similar Products: Tons of options at different price points

Millyani Facial Ice Globes ($36): Made of fiberglass, these globes are slightly more affordable. The Millyani globes can only be refrigerated for a maximum of 30 minutes, though. I was able to keep the Allegra M. France Baby Magic Globes in the freezer overnight.

Fraîcheur Ice Globes ($90): An expensive option, these globes can be kept in the freezer overnight and are promoted to reduce pores, redness, and puffiness, increase blood circulation, and refreshes the complexion.

Aceology The Original Blue Ice Globe Facial Massager ($64): Popular amongst beauty lovers, these ice globes claim to even the complexion, detoxify, minimize fine lines, and reduce puffiness.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for long-term results, you may not find any with the Allegra M. France Baby Magic Globes, but that doesn’t make the globes any less impactful because of how great they can make you feel. Taking into account that these tools contribute to my skincare routine without complicating it with additional ingredients, these globes are great if you want to add an extra step to your regimen. 


  • Product Name Baby Magic Globes
  • Product Brand Allegra M. France
  • Price $40.00
  • Weight 2.08 oz.

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