This Woman's Before-and-After Acne Photo Is Going Viral on Social Media

We're not going to sugarcoat it: There have been times when acne has made us want to throw up our hands and shake our fists at the sky. No matter how religiously we wash our faces, apply spot treatment, and watch what what we eat, it still pops up for what feels like no reason at all. That (unfortunately) is how it is for most of us. But what's not obvious is how people achieve incredible skin transformations.

When someone is able to clear their complexion without using any harsh or synthetic chemicals, it's almost magical (and seemingly impossible). But according to Glamour, one Instagram user has achieved the unimaginable by transforming her once-inflamed skin with an all-natural skincare routine. It's so natural that half of the products can probably be found in our kitchen cabinets right now. She shared the details on Instagram, along with a before-and-after photo, and it has since gone viral. Keep scrolling to see her skincare transformation.