I Got Naked and Wrapped in a Plastic Air Bubble in the Name of Detoxing

My first treatment with Ildi Pekar, NYC's supermodel skin whisperer, was a 75-minute magnetic cupping facial. It works to move and drain toxins (as well as stagnant energy) that accumulate below the skin. Afterward, I was left with practically nonexistent under-eye circles and plump skin in place of my usual droopy, exhausted-looking eyes. So naturally, when Pekar reached about her newest treatment, I jumped at the chance to try it.

Over email, I was told the treatment would leave me feeling energized and totally detoxed. Because both of those things aren't exactly tangible, I wasn't sure what to expect. When I arrived, Pekar asked me to undress and get inside a huge plastic bag. Anywhere else this would have felt like a red flag and I would have run out faster than she could utter "plastic bag." But the results from the last treatment speak for themselves, and I trust Pekar implicitly. So I stood quietly while she applied an electrolyte gel (it contains vitamins and minerals) all over my body and helped me step into the plastic casing. Once I was naked, covered in gel, and dressed in plastic, I had to scoot and shimmy up on to the treatment table while Pekar attached a machine to the bag. "It's a machine that generates water-based negative ions," she told me, "it helps address so many concerns. This is the treatment of the future."

"I'm excited," I told her, still not exactly sure what was about to happen. "Feeling and seeing symptoms on your skin and body are signs of communication from within," Pekar told me. "You have to take the time to learn what your body is telling you. It's an inside job. After tons of research, I've noticed a few trends with most of my clients: inflammation, acidic environments, and nutritional deficiencies. I decided to launch a treatment to address the root causes of those symptoms, which will help improve the skin and body concerns of everyone I treat."