Introducing: Alicia Yoon, Byrdie's Korean Beauty Correspondent

You don’t have to be a beauty editor to know that Korean beauty products have turned the U.S. beauty market upside down. Here we were, so proud of ourselves for finally incorporating a toner and serum into our skin routines, only to find out Korean women have been following a 10-step system this entire time (and have the glowing skin to prove it). Suddenly, a whole new world emerged. A light-as-a-feather cream that protects, conceals, and delivers skin benefits? (Hi, BB!) A liquid you pat onto your face that hydrates, balances, and brightens? (That would be an essence, by the way.) We want more.  

We know we’re not the only ones fascinated by Korean beauty, which is why we’re so excited to introduce our first-ever Korean beauty correspondent, Alicia Yoon. She heads up Peach & Lily, an e-commerce site where she carefully curates the best beauty products from Korea and beyond, and is a fount of all things Korean beauty-related—the kind of person who’ll happily talk about the pros and cons of various types of sheet masks for hours at a time (a.k.a. our kind of girl). A few times each month, she’ll be giving us the latest updates on all the latest and greatest from the land of essences and ampoules, which means you’ll be in the loop when the next BB Cream comes around. Keep scrolling to get to know Alicia Yoon (and find out her current product obsessions!)