Instagram's Most Famous Teen Explains How She Stays Photo-Ready at All Times

During our daily social media perusals, it's not uncommon to stumble across the account of a so-called "Instagram model;" and whenever we do, we're instantly filled with a sense of ambivalence. First comes envy: her tropical jet sets, vibrant açai bowls, and impossibly trim frame are what commenters might call #goals. But then comes skepticism: How much of her soul did this girl have to sell to get sent on that vacation? And how much Facetune went into that eight-pack?

According to a new, in-depth interview with Instagram's most famous teen model, Alexis Ren, the answer to both questions is… zero. "I hate when people say I Photoshop myself," the 19-year-old told The Cut over a kale-and-quinoa salad. "I do work this hard, and I have this body."

If you are one of Ren's 6.6 million Instagram followers, you recognize the bikini model's mermaid-length blonde hair, bronzed skin, and, as The Cut describes it, "a waist so small in circumference it appears to defy the laws of physics." Ren first shot to internet fame four years ago, when a series of her poolside bikini photos surfaced on Tumblr and were reblogged like wildfire. She was only 15 at the time, but Ren guarantees, she's "more wise than [her] age.”

The Tumblr and subsequent Instagram fame led Ren to sign with an agency, acquire a team and a manager, and secure campaigns with big brands from Calvin Klein to L'Oréal. But her lust-worthy Instagram is still her biggest claim to fame, and she's continued to grow the account thanks to a few key strategies, all of which surprisingly have to do with authenticity. (For example, Ren takes pride in turning down deals with "as seen on Instagram" products, like teatoxes and waist trainers.)

So, according to one of the most-followed Instagram models in history, what is the secret to the perfect post? Read on to find out.