We Tested the Colourpop Collection That Can't Stay in Stock—Read Our Reviews



Twenty-year-old Instagram model Alexis Ren has been slowly taking over the internet since she was 15, when a series of swimsuit photos surfaced on Tumblr, sparking a web-wide obsession that's only continued to grow. Today, with a follower count of 7.9 million, Ren embodies a breed of "aspirational" social media models, whose dreamy lifestyles consist of international travel, colorful açaí bowls, and impossibly fit figures. She's about as close to a real-life mermaid as a person can get, and the internet has taken notice.

Though Ren's fame still primarily exists on Instagram, she recently told The Cut that she has ambitions of transitioning to a more mainstream modeling career. "I look up to Gigi Hadid," she says. "I love where she's taken herself, I love what brands she's working on. … Girls like her open the doors for girls like me." 

Ten days ago, Ren took one more step toward her goal by collaborating with Colourpop to create her own six-piece makeup collection: two liquid lipsticks, three traditional lipsticks, and a bronzer/highlighter palette, all of which represent Ren's sultry attitude. Ren's millions of young fans went giddy over the partnership (in fact, one of the products is already totally sold out). But according to true beauty experts, are the products worth all the hype? To find out, we spent more than a week with these products and have some thoughts to share.

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