Alexa Chung's Beauty Routine

“My nighttime skincare routine is walk in the front door, put my keys down, take my shoes off, get naked, clean my teeth, go for a wee, drink some water and go to bed in full makeup,” says Alexa Chung as soon as she hops on the phone. The model, DJ, TV host, reigning style queen, and, most recently, author of the book It, out today, is totally serious—but she does have more than a few tricks up her sleeve.

“I might be a pro at this point!” Chung says when asked about the beauty knowledge she’s picked up on set, before rattling off a list of tips: “Brow shape is so important for framing your face. And always curl your lashes; it really does open up your eyes. Look directly into the mirror when you’re putting on concealer—you can see the bags better than if you look up. Smile when you put on blusher so you can get it on the apples of your cheeks."

We’d hire her based on that alone. You’ll find the rest of Chung’s tips, tricks, and product favorites, above.