Alexa Chung Says This Cream Gives Her “Cashmere Skin”

Plus, why she’s into the ‘90s-inspired “executive clean girl” look.

Alexa Chung


I can’t remember exactly how I first discovered Alexa Chung (most likely flipping through the pages of Nylon or Teen Vogue), but the second I did, my style changed forever. She was the ultimate multi-hyphenate of the time—model, host, writer, occasional DJ and general it-girl—and one I actually could relate to. I was so taken by her vintage-inspired looks and the way she mixes and matches prissy, classic, and "tomboy" pieces (think: Hunter wellies worn with a Victorian blouse and baggy jeans) that many of her outfits still stick with me today. Yes, she's most heavily associated with the "indie sleaze" era, which is gaining a new generation of fans on TikTok thanks to its resurgence, but there's a timelessness to Chung's way of dressing that explains her enduring appeal.

There's also the fact that she's incredibly charming and funny. Any interview she does is punctuated by her signature wit and distinct point of view. She balances the sometimes stifling label of "it-girl"—her autobiography is cheekily titled It—with being a real person. Her personality paired with her signature cool factor makes her a dream ambassador for any brand, the latest of which is British makeup line Code8.

In honor of the collaboration, we caught up with Alexa to chat her latest beauty obsessions, her style inspiration, and why she's taking it slow.

The One Skincare Product She Can't Live Without

"Augustinus Bader The Cream ($280). Luscious, hydrating, and results in cashmere skin."

The One Beauty Product She Always Has In Her Purse

 "Code8 Radiate Beauty Balm ($58) to cover my melasma."

The One Beauty Look That Makes Her Feel Her Best

 "It’s ever evolving but it starts with being very low maintenance. I want to enhance what’s there rather than redraw it all, simply because I often don’t have time. I used to love the '60s, but I’ve evolved in real time and now it’s about 1978 in my mind."

The One Product She's Been Using Forever

"My Boots Collection clear mascara ($3) that I use as brow gel. I probably first bought it as a teenager!"

The One Throwback Trend She's Loving

"I like that the early '90s power businesswoman is back, sort of an 'executive clean girl.' My affection for dressing like George Harrison definitely has a crossover with old pics of Christy Turlington looking fresh in a white T-shirt, jeans and a blazer."

The One Makeup Product She Uses In a Rush

"Code8’s 5Secs Express Lip & Cheek Colour ($38), especially after a red eye flight. I find if you have your lips sorted, it makes you look awake and together when actually you’re half asleep."

The Best Beauty Advice She's Ever Gotten

"Other than wear sunscreen, nobody has imparted any beauty advice to me I don’t think, I just don’t find people fling around advice near me, haha!"

The Most Chaotic Place She's Done Her Makeup

"Glastonbury. It’s not that crazy a location, but looking nice isn’t on most people’s agenda at a festival."

Her Beauty Icons

"Currently Sade or Mick Jagger in performance, or '90s Lauren Hutton."

The One Way She Stays Grounded

"I get acupuncture and do Pilates. I also no longer enjoy living on adrenaline which used to be my natural state—I’ve opted for a slower pace of life."

The One Thing She Does Every Morning

"I wash my hair every day. I like Leonor Greyl at the moment as it smells so nice! The one with honey in it that claims to add volume."

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