Model Alessandra Garcia Has an Inspiring Definition of "Body Positivity"

If you don’t recognize Alessandra Garcia now, you will soon. The model has been gaining cred in the fashion world thanks to her work with brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Siriano (if you shop at Reformation, she’ll be a familiar to you too). Our sister site Who What Wear shot a sun-drenched editorial on how to style plaid with her, but during her Q&A, Garcia also said something pretty inspiring about what body positivity means to her.

We can’t fully express how thrilled we are by the body-positive movement, especially after being inundated with images of one very specific “beautiful” body type for so long, but we also acknowledge that it’s okay to not love your body every single day. Garcia goes a step further and came up with an even more simple explanation.

When WWW asked her what “body positivity” means to her, she said it’s about “waking up every morning with the intention to be kind to your body.” So, instead of loving your body 24/7 and feeling guilty when you don’t, she offers an alternative—why not just be kind to yourself? It’s something we can all do more of. Keep scrolling to see the bronzed beauty images from the shoot, and then shop some of team Byrdie’s favorite bronzers below.

Head over to Who What Wear to see the entire editorial with Alessandra Garcia.