Alessandra Ambrosio Credits Her Long, Healthy Hair to This Habit

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is the poster woman for shiny, voluminous hair. For a while we thought that maybe great hair simply ran in her Brazilian genes. Or maybe her luscious locks were the result of years of Victoria's Secret styling—we weren't sure. All we knew was that her hair constantly looked strong, bouncy, and healthy.

According to Ambrosio, though, her hair hasn't always been healthy or well-behaved at all. Recently she opened up to Us Weekly about her hair and all of the damage it went through due to her modeling work. "After years of blowdrying, teasing and doing all kinds of things to my hair, all I want is for it to be healthy," Ambrosio said. "People were trying to style my hair and it wouldn't even take it because it was so worn out."

So how exactly did she replenish her damaged strands? Apparently, she has a haircut, a specific line of haircare products, and some DIY hair masques to thank. Keep reading to learn more details about Alessandra Ambrosio's haircare routine.

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