Aldo's "Pillow Walk" Heels Claim Comfort and Style—So Our Editors Put Them to the Test

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Finding a comfortable pair of heels is a formidable task. Sure, you can try a block heel or something with a platform (and hope that will stave off pain or blisters for a few hours)—but unless a shoe is designed for comfort, it's hardly a guarantee. Usually, the choice between comfort or style is a constant and finding both at once is a pipe dream.

Then, Aldo announced its latest innovation: the Pillow Walk line. The collection offers dual-density foam to absorb impact as you walk, moulded sock foam to keep your feet secure and supported, and a plush insole to bypass the dreaded break-in period. It has all the makings of a "too good to be true" moment. So, Team Byrdie got together to try it. The entire collection ranges from stilettos and boots to sandals and platforms.

Does it stand up to the hype? Below, Byrdie editors take Aldo's Pillow Walk selections for a test run (or...walk, rather). Here's our honest thoughts.

Erika Harwood, senior style editor

Erika Harwood wearing Aldo heels

Design by Hallie Gould

I took what I consider to be a huge risk and got a pair of straight-up heels. I typically wear platforms or block heels for the specific reason of walkability and comfort, and therefore avoid standard heels 99.9% of the time. Living in New York, you end up walking even when you're not planning on it, and the slightest hint of discomfort can ruin your whole day (or week, depending on the damage).

I was genuinely shocked by how easy the Floria sandals were to wear, and have opted for them over my usual boots for evenings out. The soft padding on the toes is an absolute game-changer, whether I'm trekking a few blocks to hit the next event or standing for long periods of time. The plush foam has kept my feet (and especially my toes) in tact after long nights—something that I can't even expect from my usual platform boots and sneakers.

Aldo Floria $98.00

Jasmine Phillips, social media editor

Jasmine Phillips wearing white Aldo boots

Design by Hallie Gould

Aldo boots have a special place in my heart and truly the only reason why I look forward to the winter months. While I believe Aldo typically produces some of three comfiest shoes on the market, I was thrilled to learn about their new pillow talk technology. The soles are pillowy soft with memory foam making all-day wear as comfortable as possible. So yes, these boots were made for walking. My favorite part of these are knee-high stunners is the heel; it’s super trendy and different from the usual block heels I reach for.

Aldo Vonteese $140.00

Eden Stuart, editor

Eden Stuart wearing Aldo boots

Design by Hallie Gould

I went with the Mabel boot, and in terms of heel comfort, this pair definitely hits the mark—the boot is surprisingly easy to walk in despite the nearly fiver-inch platform. But in terms of overall comfort: I have to let it be known to my fellow above-average-calf and/or ankle-size crew that this shaft is extremely narrow. I really wish I had sized up, even though the foot would have been a bit roomy. (And honestly, I'm not even sure that would have done the trick.) I could see myself wearing these again for sure, but I don't love that I have to keep them partially unzipped for comfort.

Mabel (Black Synthetic Smooth)
Aldo Mabel (Black Synthetic Smooth) $110.00

Star Donaldson, senior social media editor

Star Donaldson wearing Aldo boots

Design by Hallie Gould

I wear heels almost every day, and commuting around New York City can be tough if they're uncomfortable. These Pillow Walk heels are truly a revolution. I tried these 4.5-inch black patent heels and felt amazing the whole night I wore them. With a heel this high no matter what the platform height, the balls of my feet tend to be sore. I forgot that I had high heels on and didn't feel sore at all the next day either. Highly recommend!

Mabel (Black Synthetic Patent)
Aldo Mabel (Black Synthetic Patent) $110.00

Olivia Hancock, beauty editor

Olivia Hancock wearing Aldo boots

Design by Hallie Gould

Four-and-a-half-inch platform boots don’t seem like they’d be comfortable. But I was pleasantly surprised by Aldo’s Mabel style. My feet felt like they were resting on plush cushions as I walked around in these. I’ll definitely be wearing these a ton throughout the fall and winter.

Mabel (White)
Aldo Mabel (White) $110.00

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