These 5 Alcohol-Free Hair Sprays Won't Leave Your Hair Sahara-Level Dry

Updated 04/15/18
Alcohol-Free Hairspray

I've always had a love-hate relationship with my hair. Blame it on its limp texture, its perpetual propensity for split ends, or my lack of styling ability, but I've always felt rather underwhelmed about it. That is up until about a year ago, when I started paying it some special attention. I started using a  new shampoo and conditioner, namely OGX Thick & Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo ($6) and Sachajuan Moisturizing Conditioner ($29). On my no-wash days, I would apply a dollop of Sans[ceuticals] Nourishing Hair Hydratant Ultra ($28) to my mid-lengths and ends, and then I kept an occasional appointment with a DIY coconut oil hair mask.


Nonetheless, I have to keep a strict watch on which products I use, especially when it comes to hair spray. It's such a drying styling product, mostly thanks to its main ingredient: alcohol. Even a single spritz can leech the hydration out of my hair in 10 seconds flat. That's why I've foregone the use of curling irons and complicated updos for so long—they're just not worth the subsequent hair damage. If I had only known about alcohol-free hair spray sooner. It's so much less damaging to my hair.

Since alcohol is one of the main ingredients in traditional formulations, their alcohol-free counterparts are few and far between, but rest assured they're out there—you just have to do your research. So consider this my PSA. If your hair is colored, damaged, or naturally dry, try subbing out your current hair spray with one of these. You might notice a big difference like I did.

Kenra Professional Shaping Spray 21 $19

This product is lauded as "the first professional alcohol-free hairspray." It allows the hair to maintain its moisture levels while offering extra-firm hold. Plus, it dries down to a shiny finish, which makes the hair look healthier. It's one of my all-time favorites. 

L'Oréal EverStyle Alcohol-Free Styling Spray $7

This budget-friendly pick has an ultra-fine mist applicator that makes it easy to apply without oversaturating your hair. By the way, is there anything worse than that? You finish styling your hair, it's just how you want it, and then you accidentally drench your hair in hair spray, and you're walking around with hair that has a texture equivalent to straw. If that sounds like you, you'll like this one.  

Pantene Pro-V Air Spray Hairspray $5

If your hair requires an extra-strong hold to keep styles in place, then this Pantene product might do the trick. Although it can feel a little sticky if you spray more than a spritz or two, it's super effective. 

Aussie Air Spray Alcohol-Free Hairspray $5

This is another budget-friendly pick (and it's only $5!). Who knew that the drugstore had so many alcohol-free hair sprays? It's definitely surprising considering that there are still so many professional brands that don't offer alcohol-free options. 

Herbal Essences Bio Renew Hairspray $6

This alcohol-free hair spray has aloe, antioxidants, and extracts of sea kelp to treat hair and keep it soft and smooth. It's my favorite everyday hair spray that I use when I need a light-to-medium hold and a flexible finish.

To summarize, alcohol in hair spray isn't inherently harmful, but it can do a number on your hair's moisture and nutrient levels, which is why some people (myself included) prefer to use alcohol-free formulas. If you're looking to take alcohol out of all of your haircare products, read up on our favorite alcohol-free shampoos next. We've even listed the specific types of alcohol you should avoid (spoiler: there are quite a few). 

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