Yikes: This Is What Alcohol Does to Your Hair

Updated 09/23/16
Karl Lagerfeld

We already knew that a night of cocktailing isn't exactly the best thing for our skin—the dehydrating properties of alcohol leave us prone to dryness and puffiness, among other things. But here's another not-so-fun fact: Drinking can actually mess with your strands, too. It makes sense, but… ugh.

"Alcohol can negatively affect our hair in multiple ways," Dr. Robert Dorin, hair specialist and medical director of True & Dorin Medical Group in New York City, told us. "Our hair requires constant nourishment, and healthy hair relies on how hydrated our bodies are. Consuming excessive alcohol can leave hair dry and brittle." 

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And that's not even to mention the longterm effects. Our strands rely on zinc and folic acid to maintain their strength and thickness, and alcohol can affect these nutrient levels, leaving us prone to more loss and breakage, he says. 

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Of course, the obvious solution is to drink in moderation, but there are a few other things that can help in conjunction with this. "It is also important to eat a balanced diet consisting of proper nutrients, vitamins, and protein, and to also drink plenty of water," says Dr. Dorin. "Hydration is key to healthy, shiny, hair." Supplement healthy eats with biotin, and chase a night out with a hydrating hair mask for good measure.


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