Ajeé Wilson on the Tokyo Olympics, Self-Care, and Her Favorite Sunscreen

Plus, she discusses the importance of nutrition as an athlete.

Ajee wilson


Ajeé Wilson is no stranger to the Olympics. The runner first made her mark at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Summer Games, where she became the U.S. record holder for the 800-meter race. In just a few weeks, she'll be representing Team USA once again at the Tokyo Olympics. Over the last year, Wilson has been preparing herself physically and mentally for this moment. 

While her training regimen has consisted of intense workouts, Wilson has also put a special emphasis on how she treats her body internally. The athlete recently partnered with vitamin and supplement brand Thorne for its "Better Health" campaign to highlight the importance of health and nutrition on an individual's performance. Ahead, Wilson shares her wellness habits, the self-care practices that keep her in a positive state of mind, and her advice to young athletes.

Congratulations on qualifying for the Olympics! How are you feeling at this moment? 

Thank you. I'm super excited. I'm also very relieved that I was able to make the team. Many talented women showed up to compete, so I'm glad that I'll be rounding off the team of three to represent the U.S. in Tokyo.

What has your workout and training routine looked like leading up to this point?

It's been an unusual year with COVID impacting our schedules and lives. But the past few months, I've been training hard and recovering even harder. I've been focused on making sure that I'm showing up to the line prepared physically and as healthy as possible. 

I know nutrition is also an important part of your wellness regimen.  What have been some of your nutrition essentials? 

A healthy and balanced diet has been the core of my regimen. And you can try your best with that, but there are always deficiencies that arise. So, I'm super excited to partner with Thorne and their Better Health campaign to fill in those gaps and make sure that I'm coming to the line as healthy as possible.

When you do have moments of downtime, how do you practice self-care?

One of my favorite things to do is unwind and connect with family and friends. It's been more challenging because of COVID, but my family was able to come to the trials to support me. I think being around good people and good energy is one of my favorite ways to care for myself. Doing my hair is also another go-to self-care practice.

Have you discovered any hair products that you love?

I mix and match like a lot of different brands and products. I like some stuff from Mielle Organics and Carol's Daughter. I've also tried a few DIY gels and hair masks over quarantine like everybody else doing their hair at home. 

Your skin is so radiant. Do you have any go-to skincare products?

I've just gotten into the skin game. My best friend Kori Carter is like a skin and hair guru. She's got me on a little routine. I use a CeraVe facewash. One thing that I've recently added is sunscreen. As Black women, we've always felt like we have natural sunscreen to protect us. But, I use Black Girl Sunscreen ($19). That's been my go-to.

If you could share three pieces of advice with young athletes looking up to you, what would they be?

When I first started running professionally, my dad told me: If you're going to go for it, go hard. That's something I've carried with me over the years, on and off the track. Whatever you're doing, commit to it and commit to it passionately.

I'd also say be patient because no matter how much of our heart and soul we put into something, it takes time to develop and see some of those successes manifest. Finally, cultivate your support system. As much as sports are individual, they're also collaborative. I have an amazing team—my family, coach, agent, friends, teammates, and sponsors—who all contribute to my success and help me do what I love.

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