28 Airport Outfits That You Will Play on Repeat

Woman in beige loungewear with a yellow handbag


At the end of the day, dressing for the airport really boils down to a few key things. First, it’s about masterful layering. The climate on an airplane can range from hot and stuffy to freezing with a steady stream of icy air conditioning. You might also be leaving a cold, windy city only to arrive in a tropical locale, so adding plenty of removable layers is essential.

Finding the perfect airport look is also about striking the balance between comfort and style—an outfit that reads stylish but is cozy enough to sustain 12-hour-long flights. Stiff denim might look great in photos, but wearing it for a long flight is never the right move. With this in mind, what are the cool outfits to wear to the airport? In case you’re bored of everything you’ve been wearing, we're breaking down looks that will inject some fresh inspiration into your travel wardrobe, ahead.

Scroll on to see 28 cool airport outfits that are fashion-girl-approved.

Sofa Style

Woman in sweats and a pink blazer
@chiaraferragni / Instagram

Loungewear has become coveted among jetsetters and homebodies alike. Add a blazer like 1.State's One-Button Blazer ($129) to amp up the elegance and add a pop of color. It's the perfect combination of travel and leisure.

Woman with her luggage at the airport wearing spandex shorts and a black hoodie
@d0nyaa_ / Instagram

Classic black bike shorts and a hoodie are two wardrobe staples that make an ideal in-flight outfit. Comfy, stylish, yet subtle, they won't take the spotlight away from any luxurious luggage that you may be packing.

Cool airport outfits with sweatpants

Tracksuits have emerged as a go-to look among the fashion set. This one, in particular, seems to have taken its inspiration from the early-aughts, albeit not by way of Juicy Couture. Is it just us or is anyone else getting some serious Royal Tenenbaum vibes?

Cool airport outfits

Has "sofa style" replaced street style for good? It's worth pondering, but getting back to basics is here to stay, especially when it comes to flying. These matching gray sweats may be no-frills fashion, but that's exactly what we're looking for when we take to the skies.

Camel tonal look
@aimeesong / Instagram

Upgrade your loungewear by going full-on monochrome. This tonal camel look with overcoat makes a strong argument for going nude. We also give it bonus points for incorporating fuzzy slippers.

Woman wearing periwinkle sweater and spandex shorts
@camilacoelho / Instagram

This cozy knit paired with sporty spandex is a darling duo and the periwinkle color makes it really stand out. Just don't forget to BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket) in case you experience a chill while up in the air. We love E Marie Travel's The Everything Travel Blanket ($88), but you could also ask a flight attendant to spot you instead.

The Bigger the Better

Woman wearing a red sweatshirt and maxi skirt with black loafers
@galagonzalez / Instagram

Another monochrome look, this maxi skirt and oversized sweater are each other's soulmates. To get the most out of this outfit, throw a t-shirt on underneath—layering is everything, after all—and before you head out, slip on a pair of loafers. They're the shoe fashion girls won't quit at the airport.

Woman wearing gray and white maxi skirt with oversized blazer
@handinfire / Instagram

Oversized luggage, meet oversized clothing. While we can't deny the appeal of a fitted blazer, an oversized one is the equivalent of having extra legroom on a long flight. Paired with a maxi skirt, it is an outfit formula that simply adds up. Oh, and don't think we didn't notice how this skirt's pleats and colors echo that of the striped handbag. Two words: fashion genius.

Timeless Classics

Cool airport outfits with pants

If Audrey Hepburn got a modern-day makeover, this would be it. A simple pair of black pants paired with a T-shirt and cardigan works every time. As for the shoes, who needs laces when you've got beautiful bows?

Cool airport outfits with loafers

Is there anything more classic than a white button-down and a pair of blue jeans? It's the perfect mix of casual and cool. Transcending time and continents, this look will take you across the pond and back again.

Cool airport outfits with outerwear

You can't go wrong with black pants and a white top, whether you're at the airport or not. A patterned houndstooth coat lends cohesiveness to the ensemble, also proving that an outfit sans color doesn't have to be boring.

Woman wearing black shirt and gray pants with black boots
@honeynsilk / Instagram

Up the chic factor of loose trousers by opting for a high-waist. A sleek belt like Tory Burch's Skinny Leather Logo Belt ($128) also adds a nice touch and black booties makes for a flawless finish.

Cool airport outfits with white sneakers
@tamumcpherson / Instagram

Leave the uncomfortable heels in your suitcase and wear sneakers instead. Simple tennis shoes will never go out of style and are footwear travel essentials. To add some instant spiff and dress up your look—or match your luggage—throw on a blazer.


Woman wearing black jumpsuit and fannypack
@littleblackboots / Instagram

Attention jetsetters: You are now entering the Danger Zone. This all-black jumpsuit is as much a throwback to '80s cult classic Top Gun as it is fashion-forward travelwear. The chic and practical fanny pack completes the look and dare-we-say makes us feel the need for speed.

Woman with platinum pixie in a paisley-floral jumpsuit
Ben Pruchnie / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Sometimes all you need is a little—or a lot—of pattern to put some pep in your step. This paisley-floral number is fun and flirty, not to mention, refined. Drape a classic black blazer over your shoulders to nail sophisticated style.

Woman wearing a tie-dye jumpsuit
Claudio Lavenia / Getty Images

The tie-dye trend continues to power on but never has it looked so beautiful as it does in this watercolor-esque interpretation. A jumpsuit offers enough canvas to really appreciate the color gradient which seems to mimic a sky at sunset. N:Philanthropy makes a Queenie Off the Shoulder Tie Dye Jumpsuit ($188) that pulls at our heartstrings.

Model Paloma Jones wears a Kookai jumpsuit
Kirstin Sinclair / FilmMagic / Getty Images

This eye-catching jumpsuit-pajama hybrid is as comfy as it is luxurious. It's a standalone look that requires no accessories—or planning for that matter—in putting together. Pairing with patent leather oxfords only adds to the elegant aesthetic.

Blue Jean Baby

Cool airport outfits with jeans

Brittany and Justin may have been the first to drip themselves in denim when they wore matching head-to-toe denim outfits at the 2001 American Music Awards, but since then, the look has evolved—and for the better, we might add. Here, a denim top with voluminous sleeves such as Frame's Cali Chambray Puff-Sleeve Top ($100) complements a pair of frayed blue jeans to create the perfect denim-on-denim ensemble.

Cool airport outfits with denim

Jeans are the fashion essential that get plenty of wear for the airplane—and let's be real, everywhere else—but to ensure comfort while traveling, opt for a wide-leg pair. Destroyed denim continues to be a popular choice among fashionable jetsetters.

Cool airport outfits with trench coats

The classic skinny-jean silhouette might not seem like the most comfortable option, but you'd be surprised. Stretch denim and body shaping jeans offer the best of both worlds. Not only are they flattering but they also offer a little give, which is ideal for a long-haul flight. Wear with a basic tee and a statement trench to really turn heads.

Woman with short curly crop, white t, jeans and a transparent polka dot duster
@gabifresh / Instagram

Chances are, you're already two-thirds of the way there to nailing this outfit. Everyone's got a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt hanging in their closet, but what sets this look apart is the transparent polka-dot duster. It's our newest favorite travel companion.

The Leather Solution

Woman wearing a light pink outfit with a leather jacket
@itsmekellieb / Instagram

If you're feeling uninspired or overwhelmed by what to wear to the airport, we're proposing a solution: Grab a leather jacket. Whether it's a moto, bomber, or blazer, a leather jacket is super versatile and can adapt to whatever you're wearing. Rest assured, it will elevate any outfit.

Woman wearing sneakers, a green shirt, and wide-leg leather trousers
@claire_most / Instagram

Wide-leg leather trousers, a colorful top, and a pair of fresh kicks are all your outfit needs to really take off. If you can, try and opt for real sustainable leather over faux leather since it will ensure better breathability. Remain Birger Christensen's Elsa Snake Embossed Leather Pants ($208) are a steal.

Woman in a white tank and turquoise leather pants
@alyssainthecity / Instagram

Choosing to wear leather trousers in a bold color like this teal can really take your outfit to the next level. Pair with a white tank but don't forget to pack a cozy sweatshirt in case you catch a draft mid-flight.

A League of Their Own

Woman sitting down wearing a black overcoat and sequined pants
@ireneisgood / Instagram

A non-stop flight should come with non-stop shimmer. Sequined pants bring the party to you and when you arrive at your destination—a cause for celebration—we can't think of anything else more appropriate to wear. Vegas baby, Vegas!

Woman wearing oversized animal print cardigan and cheetah-print pants
@kristennoelcrawley / Instagram

Okay, we realize that this all-over animal print might not be for everyone, but we happen to think it's grrr baby, very grr. The oversized cardigan is practical and stylish, but if you're looking to tone it down, simply swap out the patterned top or bottom with solid black instead.

Woman wearing flowy patterned dress with Converses
@susiebubble / Instagram

A dress might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think "travel outfit" but this ethereal maxi may change that. Consider combining a flowy and romantic number like Free People's Feeling Groovy Maxi Dress ($168) with iconic Converse Chucks. Looking for a layer? A jean jacket is your best bet.

Woman wearing a white flowy dress and running sneakers
@slipintostyle / Instagram

We never thought to pair a dress with running shoes, but now we're kicking ourselves for not trying it out sooner. It's a visual mashup that works, reading as effortless and cool. Also, dresses are the perfect base to pile on the layers so if you're headed somewhere cold, top off with some stylish outerwear.

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