A Terrifying Visual of What Flying Does to Your Skin


Cass Bird for Vogue

Let's be clear: Any model-approved skincare tips tend to grab our attention. Then there are those occasional nuggets that practically give us whiplash. Example: Soo Joo Park discussed her travel routine with The Cut last month and made a rather vivid analogy about what flying does to our complexion. 

"If you drink half of a bottle, close it, and leave it there during your flight, upon descending to a lower altitude you'll see that the bottle has shrunk," she said. "You can imagine a similar thing happening to your skin." Uh, yeah, we can. And it doesn't look good. 

We've flown enough to know that airplanes really dry out our skin, but this mini physics lesson puts it into glaring perspective, no? And here's the other thing: With the chaos of holiday travel and a full schedule of festivities, we simply don't have the time (or want!) to revive a dull complexion after landing. So with this and visions of crumpled water bottles in mind, we asked skincare experts for their must-know travel tips and products to keep our faces looking fly—so to speak.

See how to maintain a hydrated, flawless complexion from takeoff to touchdown.

What are your travel skincare essentials? Any tips on pampering your complexion without disturbing your seatmates? Tell us in the comments below!