The Blurry Airbrush Nails Trend Is Officially the New Way to Ombré

hearts and stars airbrush nails


Like with all things in beauty, nail trends are often cyclical. In particular, we've seen tons of unique nail looks from the '90s and '00s reemerge over the last few years. Flared nails, '90s supermodel manis, and double french designs are just a few examples flooding our feeds. Airbrush nails are one of the latest throwback trends to make a major comeback. 

The technique involves using a hand-held air-powered spray tool to disperse polish onto the nails, which ultimately creates a cool, hazy effect. Basically, if you've ever seen someone airbrush a t-shirt before, just imagine that process (but on your nails). One of the coolest parts about airbrush nails is that there are endless design possibilities—you can use stencils or freehand the look to create a truly one-of-a-kind look. If you're thinking about giving the trend a try (you should!), we've got you covered. Ahead, find 12 fun examples of airbrush nails.

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Soft and Subtle Nails

pink airbrush nails


Like to keep things simple? Opt for this subtle set—all you need is a light pink polish for the base and a hot pink hue for the airbrushed center.

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Hearts and Stars Nails

hearts and stars manicure


These beautiful blush pink nails combine several airbrushing techniques. After freehanding the base, you'll need to use heart and star-shaped stencils to achieve this look. You can further enhance your mani by adding a few gems to each nail. 

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Purple and Silver Swirls Nails

purple and silver nails


This mani is eye-catching for a few reasons. We particularly love how the purple airbrushed dots pair perfectly with the silver metallic swirls.

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Pink Ombre Nails

pink ombre nails


Airbrushing can also be used to create a mesmerizing ombré look. While you can use any three colors to achieve this effect, we think it looks especially great with pink hues.

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Aura Nails

aura nails


Aura nails have been all over our feed. To create this expressive set, this artist used several polishes from Undn Laqr's 528HZ Kit ($90).

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Blinged-Out Aura Nails

Blinged-Out Aura Nails


There are plenty of ways to put a twist on traditional aura nails. This set is the perfect example. You can rock different colors on each hand and add some bling to each nail.

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Intergalactic Nails

intergalactic nails


This design feels incredibly intergalactic. You'll want to play around with red, blue, black, green, and silver polish to achieve this stellar design.

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Speckly Nails

speckled nails


This is an intricate manicure worth recreating. To achieve this look, airbrush vibrant orange and yellow tones across the center of each nail. You can make the design pop even more by adding flecks of yellow and black polish. 

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Multicolor Nails

multicolor nails


With each nail being a different color, this manicure is every maximalist's dream. Grab your favorite polishes (think: reds, oranges, blues, and purples), your airbrush tool, and a nail dotting pen, and get ready to make magic happen.

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Artistic Nails

multicolor nails


Airbrush nails are works of art, and this set is truly a testament to that. This artist beautifully blended several colors on each nail, making each one look like a one-of-a-kind painting.

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Moody Nails

moody nails


If your vibe is leaning more dark and moody, this is the set for you. These dark aura nails combine black and lilac polishes, creating a striking design.

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Shimmery Rainbow Nails

rainbow silver manicure


There's nothing more fun than a multicolor mani. Apply a shimmery silver polish as your base, and then go forth, experimenting with all of the vibrant polishes you can find.

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