4 Cool Air-Dried Styles to Give Your Overworked Hair a Break

From experience, I've learned how damaging heat-styling can be for my precious strands. I spent months trying to fix my weak, over-processed hair. Since then, I've vowed to give air-drying a fair shot. No longer will I wake up each morning to a blowdryer and curling iron, but, rather, to a more simple wash-and-go styling session. But, it's not that simple. Everyone has different hair texture to contend with and various styling products that work best for them. 

So, what to do? I reached out to a few top-notch celebrity hairstylists to guide my in my air-drying journey. Each one called out different textures and the styles and products that yield the best results. Keep reading and you're already on your way to healthier (and easier!) hair.