I Haven't Blow-Dried My Hair in Years (Thanks to These Products)


Isabella Behravan

I’ll never forget the day my fourth-grade crush grabbed my ponytail on the bus ride home, whipped his hand back, and said something along the lines of “Your hair feels like a horse’s tail.” Suffice it to say, it’s a traumatizing memory, and since then, I’ve done everything I can and used every product under the sun to bring my hair decidedly away from horse-related territory: oils, masks, deep conditioners, more frequent haircuts—you name it, I’ve tried it. I’ve since accepted that my hair will never be slippery or silky like my flaxen-haired counterparts, but rather than wallow in this said realization, I’ve grown to love it. Thanks in part to the fact that having slightly messy, unkempt hair with lots of texture is actually considered cool nowadays (thanks, off-duty models) and partly because I’m not going to let a snotty fourth grader forever ruin my self-esteem (hair-esteem?), I’ve fully embraced my textured, slightly frizzy mane—yes, mane. But this doesn’t mean I just let my hair roam wild and free (okay, stopping with the horse analogies now). Rather, I gladly bid my straightener a very satisfied adieu in favor of a much lower-key (read: lazier) but specific and pointed routine. Obviously, this won’t work for everyone, but I hope that you’ll discover a new product or two, or at the very least be encouraged to embrace your own natural hair texture. And to you, Jordan S., I proudly toss my horse hair right in your face. Bye!

Keep scrolling for the key products I swear by for air-drying!

Have you tried any of these products? Now that you know my basic routine, I want to know yours! Tell me your can’t-live-without-it products below.