Never Use This Product After Working Out, Says a Top Dermatologist


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We know that washing our face and removing makeup is important before heading to the gym. But what about after a major sweat sesh? How do we take care of our skin then? To get the lowdown on after-workout skincare, we reached out to dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman for some tips as to how to best care for our skin post-gym.

As we suspected, Engelman suggests, “Post-gym/workout skincare is just as important as removing your makeup before you start a good sweat session.” Unlike makeup, which should be removed so as not to “irritate your skin when you are sweating,” washing up after the gym is important for a variety of reasons. The most obvious is sweat, and the less obvious, which Engelman points out, is the fact that “you’re touching shared equipment in a shared space, and if you wipe your face or push your hair back at any point, there will be a transfer of bacteria.”

In an attempt to keep bacteria at bay and our pores unclogged, we asked Dr. Engelman for her tips regarding post-workout skincare. Keep reading for her recommendations.


While Engelman prefers a shower to cleanse her face and body, she advises "wiping down with gentle cleansing wipes to remove sweat, dirt, and bacteria" if you aren't able to run home right away.


A great way to cool down after the gym is a mist. Engelman recommends this mist from First Aid Beauty, which is "fortified with green superfoods to instantly quench and cool skin."


After cleansing your skin and cooling it with a mist, try a redness-relieving moisturizer, which Engelman says "will provide UV protection and calm down any flushing as a result of dilated blood vessels."


If you must wear makeup following a workout, Engelman recommends a tinted product rather than full coverage. She says, "After working out, your skin is glowing, so let your natural radiance shine through with just a bit of tinted makeup."


If you can, avoid styling products post-gym, as Engelman says, "Many people make the mistake of using heavy conditioners or hairsprays, but as your body is still warm, these products will melt and travel downward to your face and clog pores."

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