25 Afro Hairstyles That Embrace Your Natural Texture

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In the 1960s, the afro became a symbol of Black self-acceptance and an iconic figure of the Black power movement. Famed entertainers like Diana Ross and Pam Grier, along with political activists like Angela Davis, were representative of this new movement in popular culture and politics. Black hair is and will always be political, and passing of laws like The Crown Act, which bans Black hair discrimination in schools and the workplace, proves that point. Though the legislation is now only in five states (California, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and Colorado), the progress makes me hopeful for the next generation.

The latest natural hair movement is reminiscent of the groundwork of Black voices that came before us. We now live in age where we see the representation of Black hair across all mediums, encouraging Black people everywhere to rock their hair as is without reservation. As a 4C girl who has learned to embrace my fro, I have found that seeing other naturals embrace their coils has helped me lean into my own.

Here, find 25 stunning fros that will inspire your next cropped cut or give you the courage to unapologetically allow your coils to take up space in the world.

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The Classic Afro Puff

If you're not following Essence Gant, you're missing out. From makeup tutorials to afro-puff how-to's her page and stunning fro are worth the follow. 

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Big Hair Don't Care

My internet friends went crazy when Ciara debuted this larger than life fro. You might not be able to wear this look everyday, but you can undoubtedly take note of her accessories game. 

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Pick Your Fro To Perfection

Ebonee Davis is a beauty icon, model, and social activist that wears her perfectly round fro well. To recreate this look, you'll need a pick and a stylist to cut your hair into this shape, so you can easily recreate this look at home.

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Small and Mighty

Lupita Nyong'o is always switching it up, and here she shows us small afros can pack a big beauty punch. 

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Take The Sides Off

When I saw this, I immediately thought of Grace Jones. A tapered fro look is a great way to add a new spin to an iconic classic.

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Embrace Your Coils

Afros are a go-to for influencers like Taylor Anise, who have 4c hair. I love to see it because it takes away from the false narrative that 4c hair isn't worth praise too. 

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Fluff and Go

Yara Shahidi's parted fro is super easy to try. With a blow dryer on low heat and a brush or pick of your choice, you'll have this look recreated in no time. 

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Get A Shape Up

This face-framing fro is poppin'. If you find yourself struggling with the shape of your curly fro, don't be afraid to reach out to a pro.

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Show Off Those 4C Coils

And they say 4 type hair doesn't grow. Fola's full, back-length fro disproves that theory.

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Go Low

Many of us were first introduced to Marsai Martin on the primetime television show Black-ish. Marsai has since blossomed into a beauty and style icon right before our eyes. Here she shows us how to rock afro puffs in full glam. 

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Go Short and Chic

Logan Browning has one of my favorite fros of all time. With the Curl Doctor, Shai Amiel, at the shears, how could we expect anything less than perfection?

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Let Your Features Shine

Not only do short fros show off your unique features, but cropped fros are also even easier to style. Really want to wash n' go? It might be time to try something new.  

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Try Multiple Beauty Do's

Between the red hue, face-framing cut, and the floral accessories, there are plenty of ideas to try the next time you're in the mood to switch things up. 

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Try A Lighter Hue

Solange pulls white, blonde off like no other. If you're interested in mimicking this hair color, you'll want to tread lightly, to ensure you don't end up with damaged coils. 

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Play Up Your Natural Texture

Fros don't represent one look. You always have the option to play up your natural texture. Using a curl-enhancing gel or cream is the best way to play up your coils. 

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Add Depth With Balayage

Adding color to your curls is one of the most effective ways to add depth, but with any color service, you'll want to be sure the integrity and health of your hair come first. 

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Throw It Up

This glorious puff shows that an afro like other styles can be versatile.

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Embrace Those Roots

I'm not sure if Cole's ombre fro was done purposely or if she's growing our her hair color, either way, the auburn tips are a fun beauty choice. 

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Stretch With Care

A stretched fro is always a good idea, and here Anima opts to add a side-swept element. A few bobby pins and dash of edge control, and you're out the door. 

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Don't Shy Away From Tapered Designs

Ryan Michelle Bathe has become one of my red carpet beauty favorites. She, like so many ladies on this list, prove natural coils and afros can be molded into whatever our hearts desire. 

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Don't Be Afraid To Try Clip-Ins

I was shook when I realized this fro was created with the help of clip-ins. It is incredible to see how far clip-ins for natural hair textures have come.

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Fro Those Curls Out No Matter The Length

No matter the length of your hair, a fro is always a beautiful possibility. 

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Pay Homage

I didn't pop myself in here for a shameless plug, I promise. With the help of celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephens, I learned how to get creative with my natural curls and try a 1970s look.

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Try On Some Fringe

Rocking a fro with a bang might seem like too much maintenance, but if you're afraid of trimming your fringe on your own, you can cheat it with bobby pins. It may take some trial and error to get the right length, but once you've got it, you'll have a hair trick you can use forever. 

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Bright Is Beautiful

Janae is a hair chameleon, and by the time you see this bright yellow fro, this style and color will be long gone.  

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