These 5 Afro Hair Tips Will Ensure Your Natural Hair Looks Its Best

Updated 04/16/19
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afro hair tips

From this day forward, the 15 September is to be known as World Afro Day. The day has been founded by Michelle De Leon, a television producer with afro hair. Her mission, as a mother, is to see her daughter embrace her own afro hair.

World Afro Day has a vision it wants to fulfil, which you can read about in full on the website but it includes the following

"To educate and empower future generations of Black and Mixed-Race children to embrace, enjoy and celebrate their natural, afro-hair.

"To educate and equip institutions and organisations alike, to identify and eradicate hair bias against afro-hair.

"To work with and harness support from diverse communities around the world to challenge negative perceptions of afro-hair."

And too right! Afro hair in all its unique textures is beautiful. We recently chatted with influencer and founder of Big Hair, No Care Freddie Harrel about how she looks after her afro hair (you can read her afro hair routine here), and today, since it is World Afro Day, we called on Hershesons stylist Amir Delijani to reveal the common mistakes he says some women with afro hair make. Keep scrolling to find out how to ensure your natural hair looks its best with these afro hair tips.


afro hair tips

"If you have softer-textured hair, you need less-moisturising conditioners. Whereas if you have coarser hair, you need to think more about the moisturising element in your conditioners. Choose one that really works for you with intensely hydrating benefits. Work the conditioner into the lengths—that’s where you’ll need it most. I like Keracare Humecto Crème Conditioner (£6)."

"Scrunching the hair—this is actually bad for it. Instead, leave the hair to create its own natural texture. Need to speed things up? Use a high wattage hairdryer (like the Hershesons Ionic Professional Dryer, £110) with a comb attachment."

"Well, at least when it comes to washing your hair. Some people say hot water damages hair, but you can wash your afro hair with hot or cold water, it actually makes no difference.

"Heated styling tools, on the other hand, if they are too hot, they can singe and break the hair."

Byrdie loves Davines Melu Shield Heat Protection Spray (£24).

"If you use a sulphate shampoo regularly, try using a sulphate-free option like Keracare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo (£12) once a week. Sulphates strip the hair, so a break will help keep your hair in better condition."

"Don't use rubber bands ever. Try a fabric-based hairband like Hershesons Hair Ties (£6) to prevent breakage. 

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