These Sustainable Beauty Products Work, and They're Affordable

Everyone shies away from saying it, but it needs to be said: Natural beauty products aren't accessible to everyone, because many of them are wildly expensive. As I type this, I feel privileged pointing this out since I'm fortunate enough to test some of the most expensive natural products on the market. However, the majority of beauty consumers don't have that luxury. There's a bigger problem surrounding the accessibility of "organic" and "natural" products when it comes to socioeconomic status. It's hard not to wonder why these plant-based ingredients that come from the earth are taxed at a much higher price than those full of strong chemicals and harsh ingredients. There's also a different layer of this conversation, which is worth calling out: What even makes a product certified to be "organic" or "natural"? Unfortunately, more often than not, irresponsible brands slap a label on something to sell their products a higher price.

Thankfully, more brands are prioritizing thoughtfully curated products full of healthy, natural ingredients that aren't expensive. In terms of expanding the pool of organic products, progress has been made, but there's still a long way to go. Mass retailers like Target and Urban Outfitters offer an array of natural products at reasonable price points. I'm not saying you shouldn't splurge on your beauty products by any means. But what I am saying is that if you care about your ingredients, you shouldn't have to sacrifice your entire paycheck because of it. Also, more under-the-radar, niche, and indie beauty brands are making their way in the beauty space with organically filled products that are sold at a fraction of the average cost. Here are the natural, affordable beauty products that are worth buying in bulk.