12 Crazy-Affordable Beauty Brands You've Never Heard of (Until Now)

Luxe beauty products are alluring until you see the price tag. Although we're all for treating yourself to as many luxury beauty products your heart desires, you shouldn't feel obliged to. What's so cool about the world of beauty is that new, low-key brands are popping up left and right with innovative formulas that offer powerful results. Sure, you can shop prestige products all you want—but nowadays there are equally amazing, hardworking options on the market for a fraction of the price. Long gone are the days when a number defined the quality of a beauty product. If you're still in that mindset, it's time to switch gears and feast your eyes on affordable, indie beauty brands that deserve just as much of your attention. 

These brands aren't talked about enough. You might've skipped past them in a beauty aisle or scrolled through them on a website because they look unfamiliar. Many up-and-coming beauty brands are creating products with various consumers in mind. Ahead are the amazingly affordable indie brands we've been eyeing.