Reviewed: Aesop's New Sublime Night Masque

aesop Sublime Replenishing Night Masque

Masks and I go hand-in-hand. Recently, Aesop came out with a new treatment mask, and naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to try it. After five years of R&D, the brand released the Sublime Replenishing Night Masque, a gel-cream overnight treatment meant to restore your skin while you sleep like hitting the reset button on all of your stress and poor decisions. It’s Aesop’s take on a sheet mask, without all the cumbersome waste.

Sublime Replenishing Night Masque

Best for: Dehydrated, patchy, fatigued skin.

Uses: Deep hydration, brightening, evening skin tone

Potential allergens: None noted

Active ingredients: Vitamin F, niacinamide, squalene

Byrdie Clean? Yes

Price: $130

About the brand: Aesop is an Australian skincare, bath, and body line combining active botanicals and cutting-edge science.

About My Skin: Dehydrated and tired

The brand says it’s suited for dehydrated, patchy, fatigued skin and frequent travelers. I’d never felt more seen. The mask might as well have been screaming, “Tanya! This is for you! Use it."

aesop Sublime Replenishing Night Masque
Aesop Sublime Replenishing Night Masque $130.00

Ingredients: Hydrating and brightening

Let’s get to the meat of the matter—how the mask actually performs this well. In the weeks to follow my first use, I noticed a distinct pattern: when I used the mask in the morning, I’d always get a compliment on my glowing complexion. That’s because it has some of my all-time favorite ingredients: Vitamin F (a new ingredient to the Aesop line), niacinamide, and squalane. All heavy-hitters when it comes to acid mantle and hydration. The mask is meant to improve the integrity of the skin’s lipid barrier, and it does. It also has a ton of vitamin C in it for brightness and dark spot treatment. For me, Vitamin F is the key ingredient. It’s a fatty acid, and like Byrdie editor Amy Lawrenson wrote recently, it should be your new BFF. Everyone, especially those with acne-prone skin, can benefit from Vitamin F. I definitely recommend this for people with very dry or dehydrated skin like mine.


The Feel and Scent: Rich and minimal

Any skincare product that took five years to develop has my attention. I love science, so I was excited to see what new innovations Aesop had come up with. Since I tried this, I’ve recommended it to almost everyone I know. It smells rich and minimal like all of Aesop’s products—the scent equivalent of Danish modern furniture. Here’s the thing: I don’t use it overnight. I can’t imagine using any mask all over my face overnight because I can’t sleep on my back anymore, and I value my silk Slip pillowcases too much to pill oily products all over them.


The Before and After:

Tanya Akim

The Results: Baby-soft skin

I use this like I use any long-wear sheet mask. I wake up, put on the treatment, check my emails, and drink 56 pots of cold brew while I do work and stay away from people. I like to rub the product off with my fingers or use a dry muslin cloth. I never wash it off with water even though the directions say to do so. The results are amazing. My skin feels baby soft and glows like I’ve just had a facial every day for a week.

The Value: Pricey but worth it

At $130 plus tax, this is in the very pricey face mask territory. Sheet and single-use masks normally range from $5 to $29 apiece. I look at this product like a big pack of excellent sheet masks. The results after one use make this 100 percent worth the heavy price tag. 

Our Verdict: Yes, buy it

Needless to say, I now use this every day—Mercury retrograde has killed me, but I have a lot of faith that this mask will bring me back to life. I’m already living for it.

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