Adwoa Beauty's Baomint Travel Kit Will Save Your Hair on Vacation

Curly-hair approved.


Adwoa Beauty Mini Baomint Deluxe Travel Kit

adwoa beauty travel kit

Adwoa Beauty

What We Like
  • Clean ingredients

  • Travel-friendly

What We Don't Like
  • Wanted a stronger-hold gel

If you have natural hair and need products that work on the go, Adwoa's Baomint Deluxe Travel Kit has all the basics.


Adwoa Beauty Mini Baomint Deluxe Travel Kit

adwoa beauty travel kit

Adwoa Beauty

I've been living out of my suitcase for the past few months, and keeping TSA-friendly natural hair products on hand has been essential to care for my hair on the go. 

Finding quality travel-sized natural hair products can be challenging. Still, luckily, more brands are catering to curls with options that won't get flagged at security checkpoints. Adwoa Beauty is one of those brands, and Julian Addo created the haircare line to celebrate her Ghanaian and Liberian heritage. 

Addo wanted to create products that reflect the nuances of African beauty with clean ingredients. As a modern, non-toxic, gender-neutral beauty brand, Adwoa caters to textured hair, and its formulas include ingredients that promote a healthy scalp and lengths.

Adwoa's Baomint Collection is one of its most popular and promotes moisture and elongation. The brand bottled up its bestselling collection in a six-piece travel-sized kit so you can take the goods with you. Each product in the Baomint Deluxe Trial Kit ($56) is 3.3 oz and is made with baobab, peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen oil to keep your scalp soothed and refreshed. You'll find shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, protective oil, defining cream, and gel in the kit, so you can essentially complete your entire hair care routine. 

Ahead, find my honest thoughts about the kit to see if it's worth packing in your travel bag. 

Best for: Naturally curly hair

Uses: To cleanse, treat, and style curly hair 

Star Rating: 3.8

Potential allergens: None

Active ingredients: Baobab oil, shea butter, silk amino acid

Clean? Yes

Price: $56

About the brand: Adwoa Beauty was created in 2017 by Julian Addo, a seasoned beauty and business professional. The brand is currently exclusively available at Sephora and features a wide range of products tailored to various curly hair textures.

About My Hair

I have a combination of 3B and 3C color-treated curls, and my hair is usually thirstier for moisture in the summer months. I am always hunting for moisture-adding products that keep my bleached hair healthy. Traveling means finding products that meet my hair's hydration needs, but a kit with six items that cover my routine from start to finish is hard to come by. So, I was excited to give Adwoa's kit a go. 

The Process

I started with Baomint Moisturizing Shampoo, which has a fragrant smell of mint oils. It lathered nicely into my scalp and didn't sting or tingle, which is typical with many minty products. Then, I followed with the Baomint Deep Conditioning Treatment, which had a good slip and a creamy texture. I love deep conditioner that isn't too heavy or thick because it can be challenging to layer additional products. However, I found that this struck a nice balance of being moisturizing without weighing down my curls. 

After I washed out the deep conditioning treatment, my hair was soft, detangled, and shiny. I could smell the mint ingredients, but it wasn't overwhelming. Next, I applied the Baomint Leave-in Conditioning Styler, which has a creamy, soft feel. My curls were instantly more defined when I combed this through my hair. 

Next, I used the Curl Defining Gel to provide hold, bounce, and add definition to my curls to withstand the Texas heat. The gel had a gummy consistency that wasn't sticky. I finished my routine with the Baomint Protect+Shine Oil Blend to seal all the ingredients and leave a nice shine behind. 

The Results

I loved how my hair felt after using these products; my curls were soft, defined, and frizz-free. The entire experience felt super luxurious, and each product worked well together. The kit also includes an info kit in case you aren't sure how to use the products together. Overall, my curls were left with soft, touchable definition, but it still didn't last more than one day in the Texas heat.

byrdie contributor desiree johnson using adwoa beauty trial kit

Desiree Johnson

Similar Products

If you're looking for similar products, there are a few options: As I Am offers a Coils and Curls Package ($24) with six travel-sized products that focus on defining your curls. Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Collection also has similar mint benefits and features a strengthening oil, hair masque, edge gel, and shampoo, all available in full-sized products.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Baomint collection was impressive, and I plan on using the value kit for all my upcoming travels. I love that the products are simple, non-toxic, and hydrating. While I would have loved a stronger hold for more longevity between washes, I was still pleased with the final results. If you aren't hitting the road soon, it's also a great entry into trying the buzzy new brand before committing to full-sized products. 


  • Product Name Mini Baomint Deluxe Travel Kit
  • Product Brand Adwoa Beauty
  • Price $56.00