Cutting Out These 2 Foods Cleared Natalie Portman's Adult Acne

Getty/Jon Kopaloff

While she's never had so much as a stray strand of hair out of place when gracing the silver screen, actress Natalie Portman has reportedly battled bouts of adult acne just like the rest of us. "I'm vegan, and I found my skin is much, much better than when I was a vegetarian," she recently told The Cut. "I cut out dairy and eggs, and I never had a breakout after. That was definitely a discovery."

While Portman does add that "it's personal," and that "everyone has a different sensitivity," more than a few studies support the Harvard graduate's claims. As Insider points out, much of the research has focused on high-glycemic foods and dairy in relation to acne. "There's a handful of studies showing that people who eat low-glycemic foods—aka foods that don't cause huge spikes in blood sugar—can improve their acne symptoms," they write. High-glycemic foods include cake, white pasta, candy, sugary drinks and more, while fruit, non-starchy vegetables, nuts, beans, and whole grains fall at the opposite end of the spectrum.

As far as dairy goes, the American Academy of Dermatology also cites a small group of studies that link consuming milk products with acne flare-ups. "The link seems to be particularly strong with skim milk as opposed to other dairy foods like cheese or yoghurt," they add. With that said, the findings are all very preliminary and more research has to be conducted to draw any surefire conclusions; the ADD doesn't recommend dietary changes as a way to treat acne.

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Head over to The Cut for the rest of Portman's interview, and then learn about what happened to one editor's skin and hair after going vegan.

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