Adrienne Bailon Still Uses This Old School De-Puffing Trick She Learned as a Teen

Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon

What I Put on My Face

All skin is good skin, which is why good skincare is more of a journey than a destination. We all love a one-off tip—but, at Byrdie, we’re more interested in how our skin evolves over time. The product we've used for a decade, the ingredient cocktail that made us glow, the step we never skip, and all the advice in between. This is the stuff that makes a real difference. With What I Put on My Face, we’re bringing you the rituals, recommendations, and failed experiments (we’ve all had them) straight from celebrities, founders, and influencers who’ve gone through it themselves.

Adrienne Bailon has been a force in pop culture since the '90s. Many of us came to know her as one of the vivacious leading ladies in girl groups 3LW and Cheetah Girls. In the past two decades, she’s successfully transitioned from teen star to thriving multi-hyphenate. Bailon now spends her days juggling between co-hosting Emmy-winning talk show The Real and running her businesses (jewelry line XIXI and vegan handbag line La Voute).

Her demanding schedule as an entrepreneur and media personality requires her to be very intentional about self-care. And for Bailon, caring for herself usually means tending to her skin. "My self-care time is my skincare time because that's when I'm doing something for myself," she says. "I've always loved that saying, 'Do something today that your future self will say thank you for.' I used to fall asleep with my makeup on and not want to go through a whole skincare routine. Now, I take such pride in doing something I know will benefit my skin years from now."

Though the entrepreneur has access to prestige products and treatments, she regularly turns to drugstore skincare brands she grew up on, like Olay (who she recently teamed up with to celebrate the expansion of their body-care collection) to keep her skin healthy and hydrated. Ahead, Bailon opens up about her skincare journey, the old-school de-puffing trick a makeup artist taught her, and the reusable silicone chest patches she uses every night. 

About Her Skin

I have really sensitive skin. So, when I would think about using vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, or collagen, I always thought it would be too harsh on my skin. Over the years, I've learned from girlfriends that those are [ingredients] I should use. Now, I'm open to using a lot more products and educating myself on them.

Her Night Vs. Morning Routine 

I go to the gym in the morning, so my first shower is after I've been sweating with no makeup on. My routine is very simple during the day. I use an Olay face wash, and then I moisturize. Keeping my skin super hydrated is key, especially since I'm wearing makeup all day for The Real. My skin is constantly being powdered for work, so I need wipes to start taking the layers of makeup off at night. I do a deeper cleanse in the evening as well and possibly a gentle scrub. 

Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon/Olay Body

The Ingredient That Made the Biggest Difference 

Honestly, I would say collagen. I feel like it was all the rage. We were drinking collagen lattes and broths. I had a collagen serum I was obsessed with. I had collagen lip plumpers. And then, Olay Body came out with the Firming Body Lotion With Collagen ($10). We put [collagen] on our faces, but we tend to neglect our bodies. So, it's just great to be able to put that on our skin and let it moisturize it. I love that Olay uses clinically proven ingredients that make a visible difference and that these products are available everywhere.

Firming Body Lotion With Collagen
Olay Body Firming Body Lotion With Collagen $10.00

The Best Skincare Advice She Ever Received 

The best advice I've ever gotten sounds so lame, but it's to drink water. Hydration happens from the inside out, so I am an avid water drinker. There was a meme that went viral of me drinking water on The Real. I looked like that thing was giving me life.

Another piece of advice I've received is to rest, which I have a hard time doing. We all work so hard, especially as entrepreneurs, because you're constantly thinking to yourself that if you don't get it done, it's never going to get done. And even if somebody else tries to get it done, no one's going to care for my business the way I do. But, I need to get better at taking time to rest and letting my skin breathe without three pounds of makeup.

The Product That She's Been Using the Longest 

I used to be obsessed with Carmex Lip Balm until my husband said it burned his lips. That was my tried and true product for years. I still love it and will wear it if he's not around. 

The One Skincare Trick She Swears By

I put a spoon in the fridge, pop it out in the morning, and just let it sit there on my eyes [to help depuff them]. Makeup artist Rudy Sotomayor, who used to do my makeup when I was in 3LW, always had a spoon in the fridge for me.

The New Skincare Product She’s Loving Right Now

On Amazon, I discovered reusable silicone patches for your chest. I use the Sio Beauty SkinPad Silicone Chest Anti-Wrinkle Patches ($30). It helps prevent wrinkles from forming around my cleavage. I will apply the Olay Body Firming Body Lotion With Collagen all over my body. And then I will put the mask on top of it and go to sleep. My husband is like, What are you doing? But when I'm a 50-year-old woman and my breast area is still looking very youthful, he will say thank you.

SkinPad Silicone Chest Anti-Wrinkle Patches
Sio Beauty SkinPad Silicone Chest Anti-Wrinkle Patches $30.00

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