Adriana Lima Has a Strange Coffee Hack for Beating Cravings

We've tried a lot of different methods for staving off cravings, like smelling grapefruit-scented essential oils, spraying bitters into our mouths, and envisioning ourselves eating whatever we're craving at a later point in time. Though some have worked, when there's a piece of chocolate staring you in the face like a sad puppy dog just needing to be loved, it's hard not to just go for it. So we're always on the hunt for more useful tips. 

And while all of the previous sugar-fighting tricks are backed by science, we've got to admit that we take a celebrity's diet tips as gospel just as much as a researched study (don't judge). So when Adriana Lima told The Cut that she swears by a proven method for staving off sugar cravings, you can bet we were all in.

"I do coffee with honey, because it stabilizes the sugar levels. I find if I have honey, I don't crave as much sugar later," she tells the publication. A tablespoon of Manuka Doctor Honey ($32) in our tea is heavenly, so we can only imagine how yummy it would be in our Starbucks. What's a few more syllables in our already complicated orders?

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