Adria Arjona Uses This Surprisingly Chic Hair Hack to Revive Her Curls

Plus, the confidence trick she does before every red carpet.

Adria Arjona

Adria Arjona/Design by Cristina Cianci

Here’s a name and face to get familiar with: Adria Arjona. The rising star is pretty much taking over the big (and small) screen. If you didn’t see her in Good Omens, True Detective, or Pacific Rim: Uprising, you can catch her in the upcoming film Morbius or as the lead in the Father of the Bride reboot. You also might spot her on a billboard or on the page of a magazine—Arjona is the face of Armani's My Way fragrance ($29) and starred in the brand's first-ever unretouched campaign.

While that sounds like a jam-packed schedule, the actress tells us she's established foolproof ways to keep it cool behind the scenes. When we recently caught up with Arjona while she was in Paris, she glowed through the screen in a stunning nude lip (Armani’s Lip Power in 106, $38, she notes). Below, Arjona shares the key to her calm, a surprisingly chic curly hair hack, and the beauty products she can't live without.

Adria Arjona


The One Thing She Does For Self Care

"I take the time to either do Tai Chi, a workout, or prepare myself an at-home meal, so I don't have to rush around and get something from the supermarket or a restaurant. After a whole year of being at home, you forget about this 'go, go, go' life. I'm like, 'Oh my god, this is how I used to live? Where's my bed? Where's my remote control?' I'm really adjusting and making sure that I'm still giving myself the time I was spending on myself during lockdown."

The One Thing She Does To Keep Her Hair Healthy

"I have very, very, very curly hair, so my hair is tricky. Staying away from heat helps, and sometimes I'll leave a treatment in my hair and just do a really tight bun—which looks chic, but really I'm just walking around with hair treatment. I have no shame in doing that.

"Tracee Ellis Ross has an amazing company that is designed for curly hair, and I've been using her products. I'm a huge fan. They're really hydrating, and they've brought my curls back from all the heat that I use. Also, just staying in my natural hair as often as I can and embracing it more and more. That's how it's going to get healthier."

Ulta, leave in conditioner
Pattern Leave-In Conditioner $25.00

The One Scent She Has To Have

"Definitely My Way ($29). I really enjoy the way that it smells, I enjoy the way it makes me feel. It’s a very joyful fragrance. There's also My Way Intense ($76), which is a little sexier. I've been using that recently. I'm in Paris, so I guess I want to feel a little extra. [The original] My Way is very much my everyday fragrance. It's very inviting, it’s very joyful. I think the tones of sandalwood and bergamot in My Way Intense make it more of a sensual and luxurious fragrance. I would definitely use it more for an event or for dinner—or if I just want to have that layer of confidence during the day."

Armani, Fragrance
Giorgio Armani My Way Intense, 30 ml $76.00

The One Thing She Does Before an Audition

"I usually do Tai Chi before work. I feel like it grounds me, it centers me. I can shift my energy from one side to the other side. I even do it right before auditions in a bathroom stall, because I get so nervous and it cools me down. I'll do Tai Chi pretty much wherever—usually, it's in my trailer, and I'll light up a palo santo or something and kind of start my day. Especially if I have a really big scene and I'm nervous or doubtful or insecure... or a little too secure, Tai Chi just grounds me. Then I go over my script, and I reread it, make sure everything's fine, make sure I don't have any questions, and then I go to work."

The One Thing She Does To Prepare For The Red Carpet

"I start my day with a workout so I sweat all the nerves out. I am a big fan of boxing, so I'll usually box. Actually, that's a lie—if I'm doing a red carpet, I don't box because my hands get all red. Instead, I'll either go for a run or do a pilates workout, or I'll do some weights. Then I'll come home and have celery juice. I'll try to eat quite light throughout the day just so I feel like I can move around, the dresses are usually tight. I'll eat a big breakfast and then I'll snack around.

"On the way there I'll play Beyoncé or Selena or Diana Ross, any of the powerhouses to sort of steal a little bit of their confidence right before walking into a red carpet. Then I just pose, I fake it till I make it, and I get off the carpet."

Adria Arjona


Her Beauty Must-Have For Fall

"Crema Nera Supreme Reviving Cream ($250) by Armani. It's probably one of my favorite moisturizers. I took a lot of sun during the summer, so I know I'm going to really need that moisture. If not, then always a lip balm. In winter and fall, I don't leave my house without a lip balm in hand, or in my purse. Armani has a really good one called the Neo Nude Ecstasy Balm ($34). It's so good, and it also smells quite nice. It’s very luxurious, and they've ruined every lip balm for me because now I can't have any other one."

Armani lip balm
Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Ecstacy Balm $34.00

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