How to Find Joy In Color With a Neutral Wardrobe

From neon accessories to playful pastel details.

colorful wardrobe

Birthday Girl

Post-lockdown and the world is vibrant and full of color, injecting fun, vibrancy and magic into the air again. Both the fashion and beauty industries are embracing the colorful side of life—and for mood purposes only, I don’t blame them. From the vibrant greens or preppy pinks, then the bright graphic liner or neon nail art, it truly is a time to experiment. However, if you’re anything like me and enjoy a muted color palette, this season can seem underwhelming or perhaps off-putting when it comes to seasonal outfits.

Well, I’m here to tell you that despite your personal style choices and aesthetics, you (and I) can find joy in color. Ahead I share 4 ways you we can all embrace color, despite honing a neutral-toned wardrobe.

Start With Accessories

A great way to start integrating color into your wardrobe is playing up your accessories. Opt for a neon shoe, colorful mini bag, or a stack of resin rings. You can find freedom by dabbling in and out of your accessories wardrobe whilst being able to easily swaps items in and out.

Pastels as a Muted Approach

If the bright and neon shades aren't for you, try playing with pastel hues a way to introduce color without completely leaving your comfort zone. A pastel pink, green, or blue is subtle enough to transition out of neutral shades but not loud enough that you won’t wear the item season after season.

Take It to Beauty

It may be a cheat, but inject the color into your beauty routine. Play with a graphic liner, nail art, pastel eyeshadow, or a bold lip to add vibrancy to your neutral outfit. You can rock bold colors without it clashing with your wardrobe.

Inject a Classic Silhouette

Style is all about what you feel confident and comfortable in, right? So why not play with color in items that you adore such as a staple oversized blazer, classic button-down, or sultry slip dress. Stay comfortable with the classic cuts and silhouettes, but add an elevated update with a punch of color. 

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