I Tried the Activated Charcoal Hangover Pill Everyone Is Talking About

A more accurate title for this story could be “I Tried the Activated Charcoal Hangover Pill Everyone Is Talking About and Forced 4 of My Friends/Roommates on a Bachelorette Weekend to Take It With Me.” But I suppose that’s a little lengthy—true, but lengthy. Charcoal has been one of the hottest skincare ingredients in recent years (fighting acne and dullness like no other) and its detoxifying powers aren’t limited to the skin. Activated charcoal’s list of accomplishments reads as follows: It whitens teeth, cleans your hair, promotes a healthy digestive tract, detoxes your face, and more. High on the “and more” list for me is hangover prevention. So I went to Whole Foods (where I bought chlorophyll drops because I’m that trendy), picked up a bottle of activated charcoal pills to *hopefully* cure an upcoming and inevitable hangover, and put them to the highest test possible: a bachelorette weekend in Vegas. Keep reading to find out how I fared.