5 Reasons Your Acne Keeps Coming Back

Updated 09/08/17

Just when you think you got it for good, it’s back. That smattering of acne always has a way of popping up again when you least expect it. Why oh why is clear skin so fleeting? Well, there are a few likely answers. Before you blame the products you invested in, keep reading—these common culprits may surprise you!

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Your Diet Sucks

By now you understand that beautiful, glowing skin starts on the inside. It’s pretty simple: Put good in; get good out. You can slather your face with all the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals you want, but if you’re filling up on processed food, all that junk eventually makes its way out through your pores. And it’s not just greasy, sugary foods; dairy is another culprit. It’s a pro-inflammatory that exacerbates acne and increases production of pore-clogging sebum.

You're Not Doing Enough Laundry

Something else that is keeping you from clear skin is your pillowcase! Studies show that lab samples of toilets and pillowcases are nearly identical—nearly identical. And it’s not your washing machine’s fault. Your skin regenerates itself overnight, shedding dead skin cells and releasing oil. So even if your face is squeaky clean, if you don’t change your pillowcase regularly, you’re just pressing your freshly cleansed face into a bed of bacteria. Buy your pillowcases in bulk and try to sleep on fresh ones every other night to keep your skin clear.

Aim to use a clean face towel every day too. As long as you stock up on linens, you won’t notice a difference in the frequency of laundry days (but you will see a difference in your skin).

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You're Not Exfoliating Properly

There are lots of exfoliators. Cleansing devices, like your Clarisonic ($100), however, are not exfoliators. Sure, they may provide some light exfoliation, but their purpose is to cleanse (more thoroughly than your hands), not exfoliate. You shed thousands of skin cells a day, but unless you slough them off, that layer of dead cells just sits on your skin. You need regular exfoliation (once or twice a week) to prevent sebum, bacteria, and dead skin cells from building up and getting trapped in your pores.

Did any of these surprise you? Tell us below!

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