A (Very) Honest Discussion About Acne



While we make it our mission to offer genius solutions for all your beauty woes here at Byrdie HQ, sometimes it’s not as simple as a 10-second hack, expert tip, or cult-fave product. Acne, for example, is a nuanced, complicated beast, influenced by any number of factors. Genetics, hormones, diet, and so many other seemingly random things can impact how and when it manifests. All of these potential culprits can make finding the best solution for your skin equally complicated, especially as it ages and evolves.

But the most complex part of dealing with acne isn’t about the physical ramifications, but the emotional ones. Cortisone shots and spot creams might help clear up a blemish in 24–48 hours, but confidence isn’t so easy to heal. In our discussion below, four editors talk about the impact acne has had on their own lives—from the remedies they’ve found helpful to overcoming lingering insecurities. Follow along below.

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